Pucker Up – Sour Night with Cascade Brewing


February 5, 2019
5:00 PM - Until Close
2140 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Pay as You Go

Some of the finest sours in the world are coming from Cascade...and we are pleased as punch to bring this amazing lineup to you.

2011 Elderberry
2016 Sang Royal
2016 Kentucky Peach
2017 Cuvee du Jongleur

2014 SANG NOIR (9.5%)
This deep, dark double red was aged over a year in Pinot and Whiskey barrels, then blended with a barrel of Bing cherries

2014 FIGARO (10.%)
This NW style sour ale is a strong blond ale aged in chardonnay barrels for up to 12 months, then aged with dried white figs and lemon peel or up to 12 more months. Aromas of sweet figs, golden raisins, and citrus zest are the first to be noticed. Hints of white wine grapes, lemon peel, and sweet figs roll across the palate, leading to a crisp lemon tartness in the finish that leaves a lingering sweetness on the tongue.

2015 KRIEK (8.5%)
Brewed with 4 types of cherries, aged in oak for one year. Cascade Kriek Ale spends over 6 months of lactic fermentation and aging in small oak barrels. This "Belgian Flanders Style Red Ale" is refermented with a blend of fresh whole Northwest cherries and then hand bottled.

2015 CRANBERRY (7.33%)
This NW style sour ale is a seasonal we produce once a year. It’s barrel aged seven months with 200 lbs. of cranberries, hibiscus, sweet orange peel and Thai cinnamon. Light sweet floral notes of citrus and pink candy are noticed up front. Tart, dry hints of sweet cranberries & wild strawberries on the palate give way to a pronounced dryness in the finish, with notes of cranberries & hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

2016 BLUEBERRY (8.85%)
This NW style sour ale blends wheat & blond ales that were oak aged in barrels for 6 mths, then additionally aged 4 mths on fresh blueberries. Huge herbal notes of dense blueberries in the nose give way to hints of oak & a dusty floral note. Rich earthy notes of dark fruit on the palate lead to a tart finish that dries out to a base note of blueberry skins.

2018 BLACKBERRY (7.0%)
Cascade Blackberry Ale spends over 6 months of lactic fermentaion and aging in small oak barrels. This "Belgian Flanders Style Red Ale" is refermented with fresh whole Northwest Blackberries and then hand bottled.

2014 STRAWBERRY (7.1%)
This NW style sour is a crisp, refreshing wheat beer that was barrel-aged for seven months then additionaly aged with strawberries for another eight months. Bright, sweet strawberries and light candy notes greet you in the nose. A light tartness and berry sweetness intermingle on the palate, giving way to a light, sparkling fresh berry tartness in the finish.

2015 APRICOT (8.5%)
Cascade Apricot Ale is based on our Temptor Triple Ale that has undergone over 8 months of lactic fermentation and oak barrel aging. Ripe NW Apricots are fermented with this beer for 3 additional months.

2016 FRAMBLANC (7.6%)
Framblanc is a blend of sour Blond and Triple ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to 15 months with white raspberries.

2015 TANGERINE DREAM (11.0%)
Quad & blond ales aged in Bourbon barrels with tangerine & mandarin zest, apricots & vanilla beans.

Almanac - Farmers #5
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Lost Abbey -vGuava Ghost In The Forest
Middle Brow - Whitney

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Join us every afternoon during SF Beer Week to help Kick The Keg. The draft beers from the previous night will be 50% off (while supplies last!!)



The Sycamore


San Francisco



Kentucky Peach

Cascade Brewing

American Wild Ale

8.3% ABV

Kentucky Peach is a blend of sour wheat and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 16 months with more than 7,000 lbs of fresh Northwest-grown peaches. Each day, we hand select only the ripest fruit to add to the sour wheat ales that have already been aging for 12+ months. The fruited ales will then age 5 months before blending it with the bourbon barrel-aged quads. This limited project offers flavors of ripe peaches and warm bourbon with hints of oak and a light malt sweetness.