SFBW 2020

Sour Saturday


February 8, 2020
12:00 PM - Until Close
Shanty Shack Brewing
138 Fern St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Pay as You Go



Shanty Shack


Blond Sour

6.5% ABV

A barrel aged mixed fermented blond sour with notes of apples, hay, and lemons.

Shanty Shack


Blackberry Sour

6.3% ABV

A barrel aged, mixed fermentation sour ale brewed with locally grown blackberries from Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA. This beer was brewed in collaboration with local reggae band Brainfood and released in unison with their self titled EP. The beer and music feature juicy grooves, over funky baselines for the perfect irie vibe.

Shanty Shack


Dark Sour

6% ABV

Brewed with dark malts and fermented with a mixed culture and aged in an oak barrel to create a dark sour ale with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and cherries.

Shanty Shack

Pure Elation

Tart Saison

8.8% ABV

This beer began as a Belgian Tripel and then was blended with a barrel aged, mixed fermentation sour ale to create a tart saison.

Shanty Shack

Raindrop Lullaby

Belgian Style Tripel with Brettanomyces

10% ABV

A high level of carbonation creates a long lasting rocky head with a fruity character from Belgian and wild yeasts.

Shanty Shack

Sun Sesh

Cherry Sour

7.8% ABV

This beer was fermented with a mixed culture of Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, and Brettanomyces. It was shacked for 13 months in an oak barrel before getting totally pitted on tart cherries for another 4 months. It found some shade in a bottle on 8/30/18. Drink now or save for that perfect sun sesh. Tasting notes: chewy, juicy, & funky.