SFBW 2020

Admiral Malt Showcase


Week-Long Activity

Sacrilege Brewery + Kitchen
730 Main St
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
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5.0% ABV

After a full-day brewing beer, a pilsner is the go-to beer for most on our team. This pilsner was brewed for our crew and all our fellow brewers out there! Inspired by the traditional pilsners of Northern Germany, Alluvium is brewed with 100% California grown and malted barley from Admiral to get the crisp, clean finish that is a hallmark of German Pilsner. Generously hopped, Alluvium is aromatically imbued with spicy noble hops and a pleasantly bitter finish. Prost!


Belgian Quad

Belgian Ale

11.25% ABV

This beer was brewed with all local malt from Admiral Maltings in Alameda. The grain bill included Admiral Pils, Admiral Caramel 35, and Admiral Red.

East Brother

CA Commons

CA Common

brewed with Admiral Malts especially for SF Beer Week 2020

Alpha Acid | BABG Silicon Valley Breweries

Cloud Based

Oat Cream Pale Ale

5.8% ABV

Upload a fluffy tropical “Cloud Based Compression IPA” – delivering all those big hop flavors, dialed in. It’s a collaborative venture from – who else – Silicon Valley brewers.. Engineered from 2-Row malt, Admiral Maltings Gallagher’s Best malt and the pillowy contributions of Admiral Maltings Clipper Oats, Cloud Based is powered by Strata and Galaxy hops. From the Silicon Valley brewers of the Bay Area Brewers Guild.

Speakeasy | BABG San Francisco Breweries

Common Dreams

CA Common

5.3% ABV

This modern SF lager is a nod to one of the original SF beers – updated with vibrant hop varieties developed in New Zealand and America. With an underpinning of flavors from two craft grain products, Admiral Maltings Feldblume Malt and Canadien Maltings Oat Malt, Common Dreams ties brewing heritage to the 21st Century delights of Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Strata hops. From the San Francisco brewers of the Bay Area Brewers Guild,


Darjeeling Lager

Amber Lager with Darjeeling tea

5.4% ABV

Here’s a new way to enjoy afternoon tea. Darjeeling tea adds delicate woodsy notes to this malty amber lager. A gently tannic tea finish enhances the clean lager character.

Sacrilege | Admiral Maltings (Dave McLean)

Halfway Between Scranton + Pittsburgh

English Style bitter with American hops

4.9% ABV

As phans know, the Bittersweet Motel lies halfway between Erie and Pittsburgh. So when we got together with the great Dave McLean, master of the English style bitter, we used 100% Admiral Malts and sacrileged the old English style bitter traditions to hop this one with Idaho 7 + exp 7270's, in theory, meeting halfway between Scranton + Pittsburgh. Try some at Opening Gala, at the Rake in Alameda, here at our brewery + kitchen in beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay, or around the bay at exclusive Admiral Malt Showcase Beer Week events.



Double IPA Dry-Hopped With Mosaic, Cashmere & Simcoe

8.0% ABV

LOUD! Hazy Double IPA always uses its outside voice. Obnoxiously dry-hopped with Mosaic and Denali, LOUD! screams with tropical flavors of mango, papaya & pineapple and has a crazy hazy mouthfeel. Drink it fresh!!


Marmalade Skies

Mandarin IPA

5.9% ABV

Fresh Mandarin Oranges + Fresh Admiral Malts: Gallagher's Best, Red Seven, Kilned Caramel 35

Black Sands

Natural Magic

Hazy Pale Ale

5.8% ABV

Natural Magic is a Hazy Pale Ale that showcases a deft hand and sneaky technique. A beer that is both timeless, and perfect for Now. Light in color and endlessly drinkable, yet bold in flavor and aroma, Natural Magic proudly uses locally-sourced Feldblume malt from Admiral Maltings, and a large dose of flaked oats to provide a soft canvas. Pineapple rind, orange pith, and light floral notes burst out of the glass from the layered use of expressive American hops.


Por Adentro

Mexican Style Lager

A crushable Mexican style Lager brewed with our house 2 row malt, flaked corn and just a touch of Vienna Malt from our friends at Admiral Maltings.


Raspberry Sournova

Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels With Raspberries

5.5% ABV

This is NOT a kettle sour! This naturally conditioned, mixed-culture sour ale was aged for months with thousands of pounds of raspberries. This bright, tart, and super fruity space juice is out-of-this-world tasty.

Drake's | BABG East Bay Breweries

Rice Stratosphere

Rice IPA

7.0% ABV

Rice Stratosphere delivers an aromatic explosion: tropical, dank and onward into the strata. One of the best new hops to hit the tanks lately is Strata, a monster of a hop with huge aromatics of citrus, indica, and guava. Citra and Denali hops add further layers of complexity, while a dry and clean body from extra pale Pilsner malt, Admiral Pils and puffed Jasmine rice give these hops room to shine. From the East Bay brewers of the Bay Area Brewers Guild.


Storm Quake

Belgian Strong Ale

8.8% ABV

Brewed with Admiral Pilsner Malt and Saphir hops. Limited release

Laughing Monk

Strata Breach

Strata Single Hop West Coast IPA

6.5% ABV

Made with Gallagher's Best malt from Admiral Maltings and 100% Strata hops. Special Beer Week 2020 release

Alvarado Street | BABG Coast Breweries

Surf + Burps

Double West Coast IPA

9.0% ABV

This is an exceptionally bright, true-to-form West Coast Double IPA, Bay Area-style.Surf ‘n Burps features exciting new hop varieties that include Cashmere and Sabro, along with the always popular Mosaic. Strong citrus notes of lemon and lime combine with peach, pineapple and coconut flavors and aromas from this blend of hops. A firm, but smooth bitterness follows before finishing bone dry, without the faintest kiss of alcohol from this 9.0% beast. This coastal classic is crafted on a base of Admiral Maltings Pilsner and American 2-Row malts. From the Coast Chapter of the Bay Area Brewers Guild


Way Out Stout

Irish Stout

5.6% ABV

Classic Irish Stout. Sessionable and smooth. Full bodied. Dry finish. Brewed with Admiral malts: Maiden Voyage, Kilned Caramel 35