SFBW 2020

Five Suns Beer Pairing Dinner


February 11, 2020
6:30 PM - 2 Hours
Roxx On Main
627 Main St
Martinez, CA 94553
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Five Suns


Amber Ale

5.5% ABV | 37 IBUs

Ernst amber ale is a medium bodied amber ale. Brewed to be relatively light in alcohol but highlight the subtle caramel flavors that mildly roasted malts excel at producing. Ernst is made with pale,munich, and crystal malts along with magnum and centennial hops. The color is a rich amber, brown color with a white foamy head. The aroma is caramel, bready, and slightly sweet.  While the flavor is nutty and bready the body is not overwhelmingly heavy. This makes for a very drinkable malt forward amber ale and a great companion to many food pairings.

Five Suns


IPA (Classic West Coast)

7.1% ABV | 70 IBUs

Forester is a classic medium bodied India Pale Ale. Brewed with pale and crystal malts. This beer highlights the traditional western hops of Centennial and Cascade. These hops have been cultivated for many years and this beer will remind you of some of the first and original IPA styles in California. The color is a dark gold with a white foamy head. The aroma is a earthy and piney. While the flavor is floral with a slight grapefruit characteristic and bitter. 

Five Suns

Tropic Smoothie

Mango Pineapple Wheat Ale

5.5% ABV | N/A IBUs

Tropic Smoothie is a Mango Pineapple Wheat Ale made with real fruit purees with a slightly sweet fruit flavor and thicker mouthfeel

Five Suns


Blonde Ale

5.2% ABV | 21 IBUs

Valkyrie blonde is a light bodied ale brewed to be crisp and refreshing. Valkyrie is made with pale and munich malts along with magnum bittering and cascade flavoring hops. The color is golden blonde with a white foamy head. The aroma has hints of citrus and lemon. While the flavor is of lightly roasted malts, and hints of lemon. A great beer to quench a thirst.

Five Suns



8.5% ABV | 73 IBUs

Zenith is a heavy bodied stout brewed to be rich and complex. Zenith is made with pale, chocolate and black malts along with magnum and centennial hops. The addition of brown sugar and molassess add to a higher ABV and complex sweetness. The color is very dark with a distinct foamy brown head. The aroma is sharp, slightly sweet and boozy. While the flavor is rich, complicated, with many different waves of flavors: burnt coffee, smoke,  dark chocolate, and dark fruits. However surprisingly easy to drink despite the heavy flavor and ABV. A great beer to sip through and slowly enjoy... or not :-)