SFBW 2020

Fort Point Beer & Beats


February 10, 2020
5:00 PM - 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Rock Bar
80 29th St. San Francisco 94110
Free / No Reservations or RSVP



Fort Point


Tropical India Pale Ale

7.5% ABV | 54 IBUs

Animal is an intensely aromatic IPA whose vibrant tropical hop character is grounded by a dry, well-structured malt backbone. The primary flavors of pineapple, citrus and mango—the result of blending Australian Vic Secret, Citra and Simcoe hops—work harmoniously to create an IPA in the Fort Point tradition: an exceptionally bold, well-balanced beer.

Fort Point


Dortmunder Style Lager

5.2% ABV | 17 IBUs

Export is inspired by the bold and often overlooked lagers of northern Germany: hearty beers that reflect the hard-working industrial nature of the region. Our mineral-rich water provides a crisp bite similar to the waters of Dortmund. With the full malt flavor of a Helles lager and the punchy hop character of a Czech pilsner, Export is a crisp, clean beer that’s the perfect reward for a hard day’s work.

Fort Point

KSA Kolsch

Light & Crisp Kolsch Style Ale

4.6% ABV | 17 IBUs

KSA combines a thoughtful mixture of American bittering hops and traditional German malts to create a complex yet crisp take on the Kölsch style. Munich and Vienna malts construct the beer’s robust, rich grain flavor, while Saphir and Warrior hops bring balance through a clean finish. KSA’s old-school style, blended with bright, updated ingredients, makes this beer a classic on both continents.

Fort Point

Nitro Golden

English Golden Ale

5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Nitro Golden is a gentle golden ale brewed in the English pub tradition. Maris Otter and a light Crystal malt provide a mild yet satisfying sweetness that's capped off by the candy-like citrus aroma of Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop hops. It's nitrogen conditioned for an extra smooth finish.

Fort Point


Nuremberg Red Ale

5.6% ABV | 16 IBUs

Westfalia packs rich, caramel flavors into a rounded, mahogany body through a colorful blend of creamy malts. Traditionally fermented at cooler temperatures, Westfalia’s rotbier style showcases a layered malt profile that creates a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel, perfect for any meal or enjoyed on its own. Inspired by a trip to Nuremberg, Germany, Westfalia imports an exemplary red ale to audiences closer to home.