SFBW 2020

Whales of the Deep 2020


February 14, 2020
5:00 PM - Until Close
Old Devil Moon
3472 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Pay as You Go





Imperial Stout with chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, & cinnamon

11.5% ABV

The epically wonderful yearly Perennial imperial stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks

The Bruery


Blend of barrel aged strong ales

14.6% ABV

this barrel aged strong ale is the Bruery's ultimate blend, their Bruers hand selected the best of the best barrels from their 2400 barrel stock and blended this BA ale to represent the standards The Bruery is all about



Barrel aged barleywine & oatmeal stout blend

10% ABV

from the OGs of barrel aging stouts comes this blend of American barleywine and oatmeal stout aged six months in Jack Daniels barrels


Black Ops

Bourbon BA Imperial Stout

10.5% ABV

If it did exist, Black Ops would be a strong stout concocted by the Brooklyn brewing team under cover of secrecy and hidden from everyone else at the brewery. The myth is that it's aged for four months in bourbon barrels, bottled flat, and re-fermented with Champagne yeast


Chocolate BA Dark Star (BBADS): Chocolate Vanilla Maple Syrup

Bourbon barrel aged Chocolate Vanilla Maple imperial stout

13% ABV

this BBADS release is a blend of 24, 18, 12, and 8-month Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star in 7 to 12-year old Kentucky bourbon barrels. The roasted and chocolate malts and smooth oats bring you a stout-y delight wrapped in the gentle embrace of bourbon barrel-aged warmth


Cinnamon Babka

Cinnamon babka imperial milk stout

12% ABV

this cinnamon babka imperial milk stout is rich with cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and is finished with just the right amount of salt for a full bodied and velvety smooth dessert beast of a beer

Firestone Walker

Helluva Brulee

Blonde barrel aged barleywine

14% ABV

this is a limited barrel aged twist on FW's signature Helldorado blonde barleywine that is aged twice as long as the usual release. It gets 2 years (!) in freshly emptied Jamaican rum barrels. The residual rum character perfectly accentuates Helldorado's honeyed malt profile, creating delicious flavors that echo classic Creme Brulee


Mother of All Storms

Bourbon barrel aged barlyewine

14% ABV

based on their epic Stormwatcher’s Winterfest, Pelican's English style barleywine, the Mother of all Storms variant spends a year aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels for a boost of vanilla, toffee and caramel flavors


Underground Mountain Brown

Barrel aged imperial brown ale w/ Sumatra coffee

11.9% ABV

this is an imperial brown ale with Sumatra coffee that spent a year aging in caves below Grand Rapids, it's a celebration of the barrel & the bean

The Bruery

White Chocolate

Bourbon barrel aged wheat wine

14% ABV

Bourbon barrel aged wheat wine with luscious flavors of white chocolate thanks to the addition of copious cacao nibs from TCHO and fresh vanilla beans that compliment the rich notes of coconut, honey, caramel & vanilla from extensive barrel aging

Jackie O's

Wood Ya Honey

Bourbon barrel aged wheat wine

11% ABV

This wheat wine is brewed with generous amounts of local Ohio wild flower honey, then it's aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months to elevate the rich caramel and honey character to luscious heights