SFBW 2020

Sour Sh!tstorm Sunday


February 9, 2020
12:00 PM - Until Close
Old Devil Moon
3472 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Pay as You Go




Apricot Crypt

Sour farmhouse ale made with Colorado apricots

5.7% ABV

Sour farmhouse ale made with Colorado apricots

Firestone Walker

Bretta Blanc

BA wine-beer hybrid

8.9% ABV

A distinctive wild ale fermented with white wine grapes from David Walker's family vineyard and then aged for three years in French oak barrels to create a delicious beer-wine hybrid


Cantillon Gueuze


We've got six 750ml bottles and will begin bottle pours upon opening on Sunday. It'll go fast, so be there at opening if you want to get in on this.

Double Mountain

Devil's Cuvée Kriek

BA Flanders Red with cherries

9.5% ABV

Flanders Red sour ale with cherries aged in new French oak barrels.

Eagle Rock


Mixed fermentation ale

6.6% ABV

Barrel aged blond sour ale from one of So Cals top producers.

Good Beer

Extra Fancy

BA dark sour

7.4% ABV

Strong dark sour ale with zin grapes. Blend of bourbon barrel aged dark strong ale, originally brewed in collaboration with Horus Aged Ales and Bottle Logic (“Extra Thix”) and wine barrel aged wild ale with old vine Zin juice, originally brewed with Mraz Brewing Company (“Old Vine”).


Ghost Pipes

Mixed fermentation saison

5.5% ABV

This rare, special, and strange brew is from a side project of the head brewer at Hill Farmstead, this is "volume 18" of his Wunderkammer project and features a simple malt profile with earthy home grown Newport hops in the whirlpool, fermented on the yeast from Hyla Crucifer and conditioned in oak




5.3% ABV

Tilquin's famed spontaneous fermentation beer made from blending low ABV lambic (called Meerts or March beer) with 1 & 2 year old lambics matured in oak. This is made from worts brewed by Boon, Lindemans and Girardin.

New Belgium

L'Amour en Cage

Golden Gooseberry mixed fermentation ale

7.5% ABV

A very special and limited release from NB, "L’amour en Cage" is French for "love in a cage," which is what they call gooseberries thanks to the papery husk around the fruit, this is a unique golden sour matured in a foeder for nine months and refermented on golden gooseberries for three months, puckeringly sour and fruit-forward.

Firestone Walker

Napa Saison

Wine Barrel Aged Sour Saison

7.3% ABV

Tart saison aged eight months in retired red wine barrels from Napa Valley.

Jester King

Part and Parcel

Mixed fermentation saison

5.5% ABV

Mixed fermentation saison made with Perle hops and 100% Texas grown and malted two-row winter barley.

Bruery Terreux

Rueuze Reserve


6% ABV

Their take on a traditional Belgian-style blends of aged lambics. The team tasted through dozens of barrels and picked the cream of the crop for this release. Rich notes of hay, barnyard funk and olive round out a well-balanced acidity.


Schaerbeekse Kriekenlambic

Cherry lambic

6% ABV

Super rare! This is a blend of 25% old lambic and 75% young lambic aged on Schaarbeekse cherries handpicked by the brewery owners. Schaarbeekse are the traditional heirloom variety of sour cherries that kreiks were made with before most cherry orchards around Brussels were destroyed by wars and urban expansion. These cherries are now exceedingly rare and very few kreiks are made with them.

Two Metre Tall

Tasmanian Wild Ale

Mixed fermentation ale

4.9% ABV

Called Cleansing Ale in Australia, this light, refreshing, and tart mixed fermentation ale is made with ingredients from Tasmania and will serve as a great palate cleanser

Mission Trail

Velveteen 500

Cherry wine

12.5% ABV

From the masters of fermenting fruit, you've got to check out this dry sour cherry wine made with 100% California cherries!