SFBW 2020

Double & Triple IPA Tasting


February 14, 2020
5:00 PM - Until Close
Noc Noc on Haight
557 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Pay as You Go




Blind Tiger

Imperial IPA

9.5% ABV | 100+ IBUs

"Blind Tiger is easily the hoppiest beer we’ve ever brewed. A massively aromatic blend of hops deliver resinous citrus fruit flavors, with the bitterness cranked well over 100 IBUs. With an absurd addition of over 10 pounds of hops per barrel—including Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial—and clocking in at over 9.5% ABV, Blind Tiger explodes with flavors of freshly cut melon, citrus peel, and ripe passionfruit. We encourage you to grab this limited-release beer while it's fresh."


Contract Burn

American Imperial IPA

11% ABV

Modern Times

Dream Pop Milkshake

Double IPA

7.8% ABV

"We began this utterly exquisite 7.8% DIPA with massive amounts of Mosaic, Rakau, and Simcoe hops, followed by a generous helping of vanilla. Finally, just to be ridiculous, we added huge quantities (understatement) of blackberries and peaches to create a creamy, indulgent spectacle of liquid fruit cobbler magic."



Triple IPA

12.5% ABV | 101 IBUs

Open in case of emergency. This ration of precious hoppy liquid is brewed once per year. Share it with friends or family when in need of refuge, or savor it all by yourself, but proceed with caution. The End is Beer!



Triple IPA

11% ABV

Tundra is our stab at making a Triple IPA that is for all intents and purposes, "drinkable." Complex in hop character; you will find an all our war between the aromas of sweet melon, chardonnay grapes, high-grade cheeba, orange zest, and fresh cut fruit. Dry, tropical, and easy to drink; this is a Triple IPA we would like to think only we could make.