SFBW 2020

Morgan Territory Pairing Dinner


February 13, 2020
6:00 PM - 2 Hours
3020 Bernal Avenue, Suite 160
Pleasanton, CA 94566
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Morgan Territory

Highland Marauder

Wee Heavy Scottish Ale

9.1% ABV

A Malt Driven Beer Highland Marauder is our interpretation of a Scottish Wee Heavy (Scotch Ale). We used traditional Crystal Malts and Golden Promise to create rich caramel and toffee flavors with a toasted undercurrent, but added a hint of smoked malt for complexity. Traditional English Goldings hops (fruity/floral) balance the malt, while the high alcohol content helps cut through this high-bodied beer with medium effervescence. Flavor intensity: Moderate/High

Morgan Territory



8.8% ABV

A Malt Driven Beer Dopplebock is a high alcohol lager that is slow fermented for smoothness. It features flavors of toffee and treacle that are kept in balance by toasty Munich malt. Minimal noble hops are used for clean smooth bitterness. Medium body with low/medium carbonation. Medium flavor intensity.

Morgan Territory

Menace to Sobriety

Triple IPA

10.5% ABV

A Hop Driven Beer Menace To Sobriety is a hop forward West-Coast Triple IPA that is driven by profiles of citrus, ripe fruit, and resin. The malt bill is simple 2-row so it won't interfere with all the hops. Obscene amounts of Citra (citrus/resin), Mosaic (tropical), and Simcoe (pine/musky) are used in the kettle and dry-hop to achieve it's signature flavor and aroma. In fact, we add so many hops, that the hop oils start to impart body and resiny sweetness to the beer.

Morgan Territory


West Coast IPA

7.0% ABV

A hop driven beer, Motorboatin’ IPA is our interpretation of a West Coast IPA. We use minimal amounts of Maris Otter and light caramel malts to provide malt complexity and balance to the substantial hops that follow. Amarillo (Citrus/Grapefruit) and Citra (Citrus/Resin) hops used throughout the boil and subsequent dry-hop are responsible for the aromatic nose and quenching flavor. It’s medium-bodied with medium carbonation.

Morgan Territory

Snake Jazz

Imperial IPA

8.2% ABV

A Yeast and Hop Driven Beer Snake Jazz is our interpretation of a Hazy Double IPA. The London yeast provides the signature Tropical/Stone Fruit aroma and assist malted oats and wheat for the sought after haze and soft mouthfeel. Generous amounts of Citra (Citrus/Resin), Mosaic (Ripe Fruit), and El Dorado (Stone Fruit), hops were used to get a Tropical/Citrus Ripeness with hop resin undertones. It’s medium-bodied with medium carbonation.