SFBW 2020

Valentine's Day Barrel Aged Festival


February 14, 2020
11:30 AM - Until Close
Albany Taproom
745 San Pablo Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
Pay as You Go




Basil Hayden Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

13% ABV

13% ABV Now in it’s 12th Vintage, 2019 Eclipse is our rich imperial Stout aged to perfection in whiskey and spirit barrels. All Eclipse starts with the same base beer bringing hints of dark chocolate, espresso, and a smooth complexity, with each barrel treatment delivering its own unique character after a minimum of 180 days aged in specific barrels.

Laughing Monk

Boxing Nun 2019 Gin BA Saison


A classic Belgian-style saison aged in Chardonnay barrels and finished in gin. Further aged in LMB’s cellar for an additional year, to further enhance the spice and herbal aromas blended with notes of spirit and oak flavors of this lovely saison.

Cuvee de Jacobins

Cuvee de Jacobins Rouge

Barrel Aged Sour

Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge is a Flemish Sour Ale, red in color with a beguiling balance of malty sweetness and acidic sharpness. It is made from spontaneously fermented and barrel-aged beer for at least 18 months. The beer is cooled overnight in a large, shallow metal vessel called a coolship and then fermented and aged in large oak foudres which are made in France and assembled on-site at Bockor.

Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker; Hèllûva Brûlée

Barrel Aged Barley Wine

14% ABV

14% ABV the FWBC brewers double-aged this special release of their blonde barleywine, Helldorado, for a total of two years in freshly emptied Jamaican rum barrels. The residual rum character perfectly accentuates Helldorado’s honey malt profile, creating delicious flavors that echo the classic dessert known as Creme Brulee.A limited barrel-aged twist on our signature Helldorado blonde

Modern Times

Foeder Tentbier

Barrel Aged Festbier lager

This is a soft, lightly malt-forward Munich festbier lager that spent two months in a medium-charred oak foeder.


Lightship BA Pils

Barrel Aged Pilsner

5.6% ABV

5.6% ABV Starting with their Pt. Bonita Pilsner, Headlands takes this lager and ages it in cabernet barrels which are then inoculated with a blend of souring yeasts and bugs. This solera has a direct connection to the breweries very first batch of pilsner, as each year they leave a few gallons behind in the barrels to start up the next year’s batch. This is our third year featuring this beer on our BA list, and we look forward to enjoying new dimension and characteristics that emerge with each passing year. Highlights of citrus, melon, subtle hop presence and light stone fruit aromas with a faint vanilla presence from its nap in the oak.


Nitro CBS

Barrel Aged Stout

11.3% ABV

For the first time EVER, Founders released a draft-only nitrogen-carbonated version of its most popular beer, Canadian Breakfast Stout 2019 is an 11.3% ABV Imperial Stout that is brewed with chocolate and a blend of coffees before being aged for over a year in spent bourbon barrels that were most recently aging maple syrup. The nitro just smooths it out by adding a creamy texture.

Original Pattern

Original Pattern Barrel Aged ---TBD

Half Moon Bay

Papa Juice

American-Style Old Ale

13.1% ABV

13.1% ABV An American-Style Old Ale with a deep amber color and a higher than expected hop presence. The high alcohol is evident adding to the complexity of this smooth old ale, combined with twelve months of aging in Buffalo Trace barrels the result is a smooth winter warmer.



Barrel Aged Porter

7% ABV

7% ABV Chocolatey, creamy, roasty, caramel...y--everything you could want in a dark offering. To take this smooth operator to the next level, this porter is aged in bourbon barrels where it picked up some additional complexity. The bright acidic mouthfeel of the original porter has transformed into soft milk chocolate, raisins, and toffee. Surprisingly low in abv, but high in flavor and intrigue.


Snow Worries

Barrel Aged Winter Ale

8.2% ABV

This Winter Ale was aged in Cognac barrels for one year. Sure to warm you up with flavors of nutmeg, vanilla and oak.

The Bruery

The Archetype

Barrel Aged Strong Ale

14.6% ABV

14.6% ABV BA Strong Ale, The Bruery hand-selected the best of their 2,400 barrel stock to carefully blend a barrel-aged ale that boldly represents what The Bruery is all about and the standards that they are committed too. The Archetype speaks for itself; enjoy slowly and experience expertise.

Laughing Monk

Whiskey Trip

Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

9% ABV

Whiskey Trip 9% ABV Brewed in early 2018 and aged for 11 months in whiskey barrels, and an additional year in cellar, LMB’s Third Circle Belgian-style tripel gains complexity with the presence of oak and sweet spirit notes.