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SF Beer Week Events

SF Beer Week caters to any beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, aged, cask-conditioned), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners) and entertainment interests (movies, games, sporting events).

There are two key components of SF Beer Week:

Events -- activities that happen at a specific time and place ($35 per listing); and

Week-Long Specials -- activities people may pursue anytime throughout SF Beer Week's ten days ($50 per listing).

Venues are invited to participate in SF Beer Week by registering their events, and should select listing types with care. Only Events load on the main schedule and individual Day Guide pages, while Week-Long Specials are linked to from those pages. Both types are actively promoted and both are accessible for people to add to their itineraries. They each serve an important role in delivering a rich SF Beer Week experience.

What you need to know

Review the guidelines before submitting an event

Event Guidelines

Once registered, you will be able to submit your event, update your participant profile, purchase additional events, and make additional changes within your account.

All event hosts must create a new account for 2019. All fields are required.
If you submitted events in 2018 and use the same email address to create your account,
the system will look for a match with 2018 event data.
If results are found, that data will be viewable via a link on the user dashboard.

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Participation Options

How many Event Listings would you like to purchase?

Event Listings

Activities that are happening at a specific time and place during SF Beer Week.

Examples: a beer dinner or beer brunch; the tapping of special beers at a certain time; a unique activity happening within a four-hour period; scheduled educational programming, discussions panels or how-to demos; a guided food pairing.

How many many Week-Long Specials would you like to purchase?

Week-Long Specials

Activities or offerings that people may pursue anytime or multiple times throughout Beer Week's ten days.

Examples: a special pairing menu people can order from throughout Beer Week; an atypical beer special available weekdays during happy hour; an activity occurring on multiple days for which you'd rather publish once as a Week-Long Special ($50) than pay to list on multiple days ($35/listing).

Total: $0 will be charged to your credit card.

All fields are required.

** By clicking "PROCEED TO PAYMENT", you will be presented with a payment screen, and agree the total fee of $0 will be charged to the credit card, and also acknowledge the Event Guidelines. Event listing purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Only purchase what you are sure you're going to use. (There are no volume discounts, so no reason to buy a event listing unless you are certain to submit it for posting.)