SFBW 2020

Event Hosting Guidelines

SF Beer Week is a collection of curated events and activities, spanning multiple days, that celebrate craft beer, the craft community and the Bay Area's creative spirit.

SF Beer Week is organized by the Bay Area Brewers Guild, but it’s hundreds of local breweries, bars, restaurants, retailers and other venues across the Greater Bay Area that make SF Beer Week one of the best beer weeks in the world. 

This document contains what you need to know to submit an event or activity, and have your venue promoted by, and promote itself as part of, SF Beer Week. 


  • Events are a great opportunity to engage craft beer enthusiasts and new customers during a week of heightened awareness about craft beer and community-centric products and activities they love.
  • SF Beer Week will promote your event and participation in the craft community, bringing greater exposure to your business or products.
  • Your fans and customers will enjoy participating in SF Beer Week.
  • By helping to promote and increase awareness of local craft beer and communities, your businesses can benefit not just from local enthusiasm, but beer tourism as visitors come to check out the Bay's many thriving craft beer scenes.


More so than ever before, SF Beer Week is not just about craft beer, but the craft community and the Bay Area's creative spirit. Craft beer and the many local venues who promote it are power conduits for social engagement, creative endeavors and community cross-sections. The Bay's spirit of self expression is a beacon to the world, so e invite 

Beer + Food

  • Special food and beer pairings
  • Beer dinners, brunches, breakfasts or lunches

Rare Craft Beer

  • New beer release parties
  • Special beer flights, by style, region, vintage, packaging, process, etc.

Music, Art, Play, More

  • Thematically match releases with unique entertainment. Past events featured beer pairings with movie showings, bowling, arcade, fitness and more.
  • Hold a tap takeover based on a live band's favorite brewery
  • Pair an interactive art demo, gallery showcases, competition with a beer style showcase

Special Guests & Activities

  • Meet the Brewer nights
  • Biking, busing or walking tours
  • Host community talks, issue-focused debates or a story-teller alongside tappings

Beer Educate

  • Educational events geared towards brewing styles, history, science, technology, art, collectibles, etc.
  • Homebrewing demonstrations
  • Brewers, host an open brew day

Get Creative!

  • Collaborate with other businesses, experts, innovators, etc.
  • Any special occasion that celebrates and promotes the quality, heritage and/or future of craft brewing will be considered. Be creative!


  • Events must promote and embody the spirit of craft beer, which is quality beer that celebrates small, independent brewers from the US and abroad, its cultural tradition and pioneering, innovative spirit.
  • A fundamental component of an event must be promotion of independent breweries that are members of the Bay Area Brewers Guild, the Brewers Association, or that conform to those organizations' accepted definition of an independent craft brewery.
  • Events should be exceptional and emphasize QUALITY over quantity. They should be fun activities, educational, invite food pairing opportunities, and most importantly, inspire, surprise and excite beer lovers and the craft community to support craft beer year round. Push your team to be creative. Exceed expectations.
  • Most importantly, events must be legit events — meaning they must feature a special, unique or rare selection of beer, activity, guest and/or food component, and are generally considered special and exceptional occasions, not a typical or regular activity that may be held any day of the year.
  • SFBW will NOT approve events centered on discounts or giveaways, that are typical happy hour, pint night or pricing specials, that promote common, unexceptional, ‘every day’ tap list offerings, or that encourage excessive drinking.
  • Unless an event genuinely spans multiple hours of a day (e.g. a festival), EVENTS -- including and especially Tap Takeovers or Style Showcases -- must be restricted to 5 hours on the schedule or be set as an All-Day Event, in which cases they shall display differently from a normal Event on the schedule and Day Guides.
  • Tap Takeovers or Style Showcases must offer special, new or rare releases as part of the beer selection. Only sponsors will be allowed to list more than four of these types of events at their venue over the course of SFBW.
  • SFBW is a curated list. We reserve the right to reject or remove submissions at our discretion, including but not limited to postings that contain language or images that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate or violate laws, or that use an image, name or mark without proper authorization.
  • Events must be submitted in standard sentence formatting. Any listings submitted using ALL CAPS, only lower case, or odd or unusual formatting will not be approved.
  • No one likes reading spammy listings. Keep yours straight forward and your copy clean, meaning NO repeated or excessive exclamation points, highlighting with ALL CAPS, odd punctuation, and so on. Listings will be edited to remove such spammy qualities and may be rejected if too over the top. 
  • Event titles should not repeat the venue unless use of the venue name is pertinent to the title (so, please, no "XXXX EVENT at VENUE" in the title, or similar -- in general, the listing is already showcasing the host and location information.
  • All events are edited to maintain a consistent copy style and readability across the site. Once an event is approved, the only allowable edits will be material changes, such as an event's time, place or description. Note: Certain fields, including an event's title, get locked down once published and can only be changed by contacting us directly with your request; when doing so, make sure to include the title, location and day of the event you want changed.
  • Venue hosts may resubmit a rejected event for approval if the issue with the event has been rectified.
  • ABC REQUIREMENTS: Only a venue host or, if a special event, a third-party nonprofit can pay for events on the SFBW website. The CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) dictates that alcoholic beverage manufacturers (breweries), importers, suppliers, wholesalers or distributors cannot submit or pay for event listings being held at a retail license holder’s venue or that promote the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.


Two distinct types of listings are supported, each displaying in a different manner and subject to a different fee.

EVENTS - $50 each
Gatherings around a specific activity or happening at a specific time and place during SF Beer Week.
Events are the primary focus of the SF Beer Week schedule. They are premiere listings that appear in the main schedule and in Day Guides. They are distinct stand-alone events that fulfill all the above requirements, ie. feature a rare, limited or special selection of beer or food available at a particular time; feature guest appearance, rare occurrence or one-time activity or experience; etc. Events are selectable for people's itineraries.

ACTIVITIES - $75 each
Recurring casual activities, specials or offers people may pursue any time over multiple days during SF Beer Week.
Activities are NOT showcased in the main schedule OR in the Day Guides, but listed below and linked to from there. They are filterable and selectable for people's itineraries. They are promoted as opportunities, offers or specials during SFBW that consumers can pursue in an “on demand” fashion. Typically they are recurring activities or ongoing offerings available over multiple days — for ex., an activity or promotion where unique beer offerings, beer cocktails, a special menu, beer and food pairing, or other ‘specials’ are available for consumers to come in and enjoy as their individual schedules permit. Activities selectable for people's itineraries 


  1. Create an Event Host Account here.
  2. Add basic account information and select the type and number of listings you'd like to purchase.
  3. Approve payment. Now you can access your account dashboard.
  4. Select and fill in your organization's profile.
  5. Select an unused event, fill in the event's information, then Submit for approval.
  6. Upon submission, an event is "pending" until reviewed to ensure it meets these SF Beer Week Event Guidelines. ** While events are often reviewed within 48 hours, this process can take up to five business days. **
  7. Once your event is approved, it will appear on the SF Beer Week website.

NOTE: The full SFBW website with event listings will launch in early December. Events submitted prior will be held in queue; those submitted after will appear as soon as they’re processed and approved. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of the SF Beer Week home page to be notified of key dates.


  • BE SPECIFIC when describing your event. List participating breweries and beers you’ll be serving. Specify the culinary theme or menu items. Provide the brewer’s name if he or she will be present. This will draw people to your event and increases sharing among fans and promotion by influencers.
  • You may update or edit certain fields of your listings after approval. Just sign back into the website using your account ID and password to access your listings. NOTE: Please make only _essential and material_ changes once your event has been approved. All events are edited for consistent copy and presentation across the site, and these style edits must be maintained. Reversing edits made by our staff once an event is published will result in the event being taken down WITHOUT a refund.
  • Don’t forget to add a logo or image to your event listing to better stand out on the schedule.


Marketing materials to promote your involvement in SF Beer Week are sent to host venues in early to mid January. Event submission does NOT guarantee materials, however, as materials are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may also be dependent on type of location, event count and other factors. The best way to ensure your venue receives materials is to get your events submitted and approved in prior to December 20, 2019.

All SF Beer Week events are actively promoted through the website, which will see over 1.4 million event clicks and is searchable and filterable by region, venue, event types, event attributes, as well as available for people to put on personal itineraries for planning and to promote to their friends. Events may also be selectively promoted via email (10k+), and to social (35k+).

SF Beer Week offers exceptional opportunities to promote your venue and events through our sponsorship program. At its core, sponsorship provides you with unlimited event submissions for your location; greater exposure for your events as well as your brand, both online and through extensive outreach and marketing initiatives; and exclusive SF Beer Week Opening Gala perks (private early entrance, access to special tappings, access to the Brewers Lounge featuring complimentary food and drink, bathrooms, patios, Bay views, and mixing and mingling with the craft brewers and other craft beer industry luminaries. Interested? Contact us here.