New to SF Beer Week? What is SF Beer Week?

SF Beer Week is a collection of curated events, spanning multiple days, that celebrate craft beer and the craft beer community.

Where are the events listed?

Event Submission for 2018 is now live, with the initial list of events getting posted a few weeks after that. Sign up for our mailing list on the home page (scroll to bottom) to receive announcements and other SFBW news.

If you’d like to get a better handle on the process and requirements, take a look at these resources: 2018 Event Guidelines and How to Submit Events.

Who attends SF Beer Week events?

One really cool thing about SF Beer Week is how diverse the events, and since craft beer appeals to a wide range of people, if you’re over 21, there’s probably an event for you! Events may cater to various beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, aged, cask-conditioned), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners) and entertainment interests (movies, games, sporting events). Even family-oriented events make appearances, like an afternoon Halloween festival featuring pumpkin carving, a past highlight.

What does it cost to attend an event?

Event cost is set by the host venue or event producer. Many events are ‘pay as you go,’ meaning free to attend, but you pay for the beer and/or food you consume. Other events may require an admission fee, or advanced reservations with or without a deposit. Still other events may offer free food samples or discounts.

Where do I get tickets for events?

If an event is charging for participation, we will include a link to purchase online or provide other instructions.

How can I make the most of SF Beer Week?

With so many events, planning is key. SF Beer Week offers a few tools to make that easier, including the ability for you to create and share your own itinerary (account req’d), to filter and sort by a host of criteria (event type, event time, geographically, etc.), and to look up what’s happening at your favorite venues.

Also, remember that San Francisco and the greater Bay Area is home to a little bit of everything. We highly recommend checking out SF Travel for resources for exploring the City area, including hotel information, dining recommendations, insight on SF neighborhoods, transportation resources and more. Other great resources are Visit Santa Rosa, which offers a FeBREWary passport duting this busy beer month, and Visit Tri-City, where you can explore a host of new breweries popping up within the East Bay scene as part of their beer trail.

Are children or dogs allowed at SF Beer Week events?

Policies of the individual venues apply. Please contact them directly using the venue links on the event pages.

What are my transportation options for getting around San Francisco?

We strongly encourage you and those you are with to drink responsibly, use ride-sharing services, carpool with a designated driver, or take public transportation.

Check out SF Travel’s Guide to Public Transportation, which includes info, links and transportation costs for many Bay Area and City services (BART, MUNI, Amtrak, etc.). Tips: For MUNI times and buses, go to 511.org or you can call 511. For BART — the Bay Area Transit System — follow this link for the official site, and visit Beer by BART, a fantastic resource for mapping out your craft beer stops.

There are many ridesharing options as well. Again, SF Travel has all the info you need in one place here: How to Use Ride Sharing Apps in SF.

What beers should I expect?

Events will usually include details about who is participating and any special beers that may be served. Since events are constantly being added, it’s best to check in often. What you can expect is diversity — rare, cask, barrel-aged, experimental, new releases, seasonals and more.

I have questions about an event. Who should I contact?

You should contact the venue directly, as they are the party organizing the event. Event pages will include a link or other contact information.

We had a [great, terrible, so-so, zanny] time at SF Beer Week. Who can I [thank, provide feedback to] regarding my experience?

We appreciate your feedback. Send comments here, and we’ll do our best to respond directly or get your inquiry to the appropriate party.

What businesses participate?

Major participants are breweries, venues and distributors. They bring the goods, so to speak, with brewers in particular making the rounds to meet and greet as many people as they can.

Can anyone submit an event?

An event should be submitted by the party hosting it, typically a pub, restaurant or other venue, or a brewery when an event is happening in their taproom.

What type of events may be submitted?

SF Beer Week is a curated experience, so all events must meet certain requirements and are subject to approval. See the SF Beer Week Event Guidelines to learn more about submitting events. Note: Independent breweries need to be central to any SF Beer Week event, and any submitted activities and their participants must be in compliance with the CA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control. See guidelines for details

What does it cost to submit an event?

The fee to submit an event is $35. Venues are eligible to receive branded marketing materials provided their events are submitted by December 31.

What are Week-Long Specials?

Activities that do not meet our definition of a qualifying, stand-alone “Event” and that occur on a number of days during SF Beer Week instead fall into the “Week-Long Special” classification. Two examples are:  a special pairing menu being offered throughout SF Beer Week during business hours, or a beer special being offered weekdays as part of a happy hour.

The fee to submit a Week-Long Special is only $50, however this listing appears in a special “Week Long” section, separate from the main Events schedule. See the SF Beer Week Event Guidelines to learn more about this distinction. Note, too, SF Beer Week is a curated experience, so any event or special submitted will be reviewed to ensure proper classification.

What is the cut off for submitting an event?

Submitting events early provides you with greater exposure, access to really cool marketing materials, and long lead times to promote your events. It also means your events are there when people plan out their SF Beer Week — and many do so way ahead of time! That said, event submission will end at midnight on Sunday, February 5.

I submitted an event but it’s not showing up on the schedule. What gives?

It may take up to a week for an event to be processed. If you’ve made an official submission, don’t see the event posted beyond that timeframe, and received no communication from us, please contact us. In general, SF Beer Week reserves the right to reject any event, for any reason. Please note, too, SF Beer Week is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use without prior written consent from SF Beer Week is prohibited.

You edited my listing. What gives?

SF Beer Week is a curated experience, intent on promoting quality events and a great user experience. We all benefit when the information being presented conforms to a consistent look and feel. It’s also essential that events comply with the CA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Therefore all submissions are subject to review and approval, and may be edited to ensure a concise, informative and pleasant read. For these reasons, only material changes, such as a time change, should be made to an event after it has been approved.

I’ve never participated in SF Beer Week. How can I get involved?

Venues interested in participating in SF Beer Week usually come up with their ideas through collaboration with the breweries or their distributors directly.

How can I raise the profile of my events?

All events collectively benefit from massive SF Beer Week promotion, which includes extensive marketing, social media and public relations campaigns that target local, regional, national and international audiences. Beyond that exposure, please consider sponsoring SF Beer Week, which provides a great way to get events some extra attention, as well as providing ton of other perks, including VIP treatment at the SF Beer Week Opening Gala. Download our sponsor kit here.

Can I distribute information or products at an SF Beer Week event?

No. Distribution of materials at an SF Beer Week event is restricted to authorized parties, such as the venue, a participating brewery, or the San Francisco Brewers Guild. If you wish to distribute materials or be involved in an event as a sponsor, contact us.