2018 SFBW Opening Gala Beer List



We’re excited to present the initial list of beers for the SF Beer Week Opening Gala. Already a pretty epic list, more beers are being added. You don’t want to miss this event! Get tickets now. (See just added at bottom.)

101 North Brewing Co

Two Hops For Sister Sara
Double IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8% ABV | 65 IBUs

Two Hops For Sister Sara, a Double IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops, was created specifically for SF Beer Week 2018, and is the first of three beers celebrating our immense respect for legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood.
Pairings: Pairs well with cowboy boots and a love for life.

Indigo Blue Agave Pale Ale
Pale Ale
Year round | Dry hopped – 6% ABV | 49 IBUs

Indigo Pale Ale is a fresh approach to a traditional style in which Blue Agave Nectar creates a unique malt profile, one that is complemented by a mandarin ho character derived from the single experimental hop ADHA 484.
Pairings: Your favorite taco truck.

Naughty Aud
Imperial Stout
Seasonal – 8.5% ABV | 74 IBUs

Black as the moonless night, Naughty Aud Imperial Stout boasts a profusion of complexity in flavor and aroma possessed by few other styles of ale. Special for this winter, we imbued with milk chocolate to give it an extra creamy center.
Pairings: An open fire.

21st Amendment Brewery

El Sully
Mexican-Style Lager
Year round – 4.8% ABV | 19 IBUs

Pairings: Everything, tacos!

Brew Free! or Die IPA
West Coast IPA
Year round – 7% ABV | 70 IBUs

Our flagship, West Coast Style IPA
Pairings: Everything! Burgers

Blood Orange Brew Free! Or Die IPA
Fruit IPA
Year round – 7% ABV | 70 IBUs

Brew Free! or Die IPA with real blood oranges
Pairings: Everything! burgers

Baby Horse
Belgian Quad
First-time release – 9.5% ABV

Belgian Style Quad with a malt bill equal to the weight of a baby horse.

Strawberry Mountain Jam
Imperial Cream Ale with Strawberries
8.0% ABV | 25 IBUs

An untraditional American cream ale. This light-hearted heavyweight brings the crispness of a sunny winter’s day mixed with the thrilling exuberance of downhill skiing. Boasting a beautiful bounty of strawberry jam flavor layered nicely on top of a clean, crisp finish, you’ll feel like you’re shredding those mountain slopes. Slay the pow! Brewed at the Pub in SF—one of our ‘Strong Beer Month’ beers.

2001 OG Brewers’ Collab
Strong Ale
8% ABV | 45 IBUs

What happens when you get S.F. brewers from 2001 together? Well, magic of course. A ruby red, deliciously awesome pint of SF beer nostalgia. Brewed with Admiral Malting barley, a local Bay Area Malting company on Alameda Island. This strong ale was fermented with London ale yeast and brewed with floral English hops. Indubitably! Brewed at the Pub in SF—one of our ‘Strong Beer Month’ beers.

Bock Solid
Cask / firkin – 8.3% ABV | 8 IBUs

Weizenbock with toasted coconut and cocoa nibs.

Biere de Garde
Cask / firkin – 7% ABV

A Biere de Garde w/ Jarrylo hops, juniper and star anise.

Alameda Island Brewing Co.

Pedal to the People  *** Collaboration with Bicycle Coffee **
Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout Porter
One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 13% ABV | 20 IBUs
Dark brown-black in color. Coffee and chocolate aroma with complex notes of vanilla, oak, berries and dried fruit with a toffee like finish.

Island Haze
New England Hazy IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.1% ABV | 25 IBUs

Notes of orange, mandarin and pineapple. Drinks like hoppy orange juice. Mosaic and Citra hops.

Admiral’s Best Bitter
Special Bitter
First-time release, One off – 5.1% ABV | 28 IBUs

An easy drinking special bitter. Maiden Voyage base malt and Carmel 35 malt from Admiral’s Malting. Fuggles hops; biscuity, bready and downright delicious.

Mt. Olympus
Double IPA
First-time release, One off | Dry hopped – 9.5% ABV | 110 IBUs

Brewed with Apollo, Zeus and Zythos hops, this 110 IBU titan is then dry hopped at 5lbs per barrel with the same hop trifecta for eight days.

Sea Haggis
Scottish Ale
8% ABV | 17 IBUs

Alpha Acid Brewing Co.

Emerald Hills
NE Double IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.2% ABV | 45 IBUs

Stone Love
Sour Ale
First-time release, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.9% ABV | 5 IBUs

Wine barrel aged sour ale with apricots.

Barrel Constrictor
Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 13% ABV | 100 IBUs

Barrel aged imperial stout.

No IBU’s given  *** Collaboration with Track 7 Brewing Co.
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.8% ABV | 0 IBUs
Zero IBU North East inspired IPA brewed in collaboration with Track 7 Brewing Company.

Altamont Beer Works

Scarcity IIIPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 11% ABV

Loads of Citra and Centennial hops. The tropical/citrus flavors and aromas are intense. This beer finishes dry and smooth with little residual sweetness.

Lupulin Advisory  *** Collaboration Collaboration with Boneyard Beer Co.
Dry hopped – 8.3% ABV
WARNING: this beer contains an excessive amount of lupulin. Hops Thrown in your face three different ways; with the use of hop pellets, cryo hops and resinate co2 hop extract. prepare yourself for this citrus/tropical explicit IIPA!

Maui Waui IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.5% ABV

A more tropical approach to your ‘West Coast’ style IPA; Maui Waui has proven to be one of our more popular beers! This single malt IPA is light in color and body; with a soft bitterness. The Mosaic and Citra hops give strong aromas and flavors of guava, pineapple, and mango.

Mr Bigglesworth ESB
First-time release – 5.2% ABV

This was our first ever ESB and it was a real CORKER! We started with British Maris Otter malt as the base and layered in 4 more variations of British specialty malts and then hop’d it up with East Kent Golding English hops. Malt heads will be absolutely chuffed by the smooth flavors and slight roasty notes; finishing with a balanced caramel like sweetness!

Alvarado Street Brewery

Double Dry Hopped Mai Tai
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 40 IBUs

Contains No Juice
Double IPA
Seasonal | Dry hopped

Blue ‘N Gold
California Pilsner
First-time release

Motor Oil
Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Vanilla & Coconut
Limited / Rare

Armstrong Brewing Co.

Return of the Fog
California Common
Year round – 6.1% ABV | 45 IBUs

A malty, heady play on the California Common Beer, a pre-Prohibition style lager brewed at higher west coast temperatures
Pairings: BBQ Pork

Belgian Ale
First-time release – 7.4% ABV | 25 IBUs

A Belgian Ale named after the original inspiration for the iconic Rosie the Riveter painting and in honor of her recent passing
Pairings: Chicken

Barrel Brothers Brewing Co.

Hello Dankness My Old Friend
2.5x IPA
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 9.5% ABV | 90 IBUs

This ‘double-&-a-half’ IPA was brewed with the dankest of intentions. A classic West Coast hop line up of Cascade, Chinook, Columbus & Centennial was used to give this beer not one, not two, but 2.5 trips through our patent-pending Hop Spanker. And to assure that dankness levels achieved the stickiest of icky, we added a 2.5x dosing of Comet, Summit & Simcoe! Don’t let the dank intimidate you; we still kept this beer balanced and in tune, like a timeless well-harmonized folk duo with groovy hair.

Dark Sarcasm
Baltic Porter
Year round | Near gluten free – 7% ABV | 30 IBUs

We call this the ‘dark beer for people who don’t like dark beers.’ Dark Sarcasm delivers a smooth mouthfeel, like dark chocolate fudge, with flavors or mocha and vanilla. And make no mistake, that delicious vanilla flavor is in there for a reason. We add a sarcastic amount whole Madagascar vanilla beans in every batch!

Bockstreet’s Bock, Alright!
One off – 7.8% ABV | 25 IBUs

This is a beer with a rich and full malt flavor, that has matured well beyond its boy-band phase and done grown up to be quite a respectable beverage that you won’t feel embarrassed enjoying around your friends.

You Had Me At Merlot
Barrel Aged Blonde Sour with Russian River Merlot Grapes
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.2% ABV | 10 IBUs

Barrel aged blonde sour that co-fermented with 2017 Russian River Valley Merlot grapes. Only 4 barrels produced!

Barrel Head Brewhouse

Sour Diesel Oud Bruin
Oud Bruin
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.9% ABV

Dark ale aged in wine barrels with black currants
Pairings: chocolate, blue cheese

Blanc de Blancs
Belgian Trippel
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 9.8% ABV | 41 IBUs

Brewed with Belgian yeast, Pilsner malt, California Chardonnay grape juice, and Hallertau Blanc hops
Pairings: caviar, goat cheese

Benoit-Casper Brewing Co.

Export Stout
Foreign Extra Stout
Seasonal – 8% ABV

Lush dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and smokey aromas, scream for your attention in our winter seasonal, Export Stout.
Pairings: Steak and stinky cheeses.

Galax-C IPA
American India Pale Ale
Year round – 6.2% ABV | 54 IBUs

An unfiltered, hop forward, American IPA featuring Galaxy and Citra Hops on a light malt backbone and a touch of wheat.
Pairings: Good friends and warm summer nights.

Whisky barrel-aged Imperial Stout
Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 11% ABV

Our Imperial Stout delivers a symphony of lush dark chocolate and coffee with a light, smooth finish. Aged in Do Good Distillery Benevolent Czar whisky barrels to add toasty oak and subtle spicy notes; this is one beautifully big beer inspired by a equally beautiful, big, man – Jim Harrelson.
Pairings: Good Friends and cold winter nights.

Black Hammer Brewing

Sparkle Pony
Belgian Style Blonde Ale
Year round | Near gluten free – 6.9% ABV | 24 IBUs

This sexy Belgian Blonde will turn you on and leave you wanting more – just like the eponymous Burning Man creature who brought sixty outfits and two liters of water to a 10-day party in the desert. Sparkle Pony is brewed with Bohemian pilsner malt and balanced with Hallertau hops, and it’s more fun than your typical Blonde with none of the baggage.
Pairings: Angel Food Cake with Sprinkles

Blucid Dream
Limited / Rare – 7.5% ABV | 51 IBUs

Our latest creation in our line of CBD beers will leave you feeling no pain in no time. Loads of Mosaic hops keep this IPA with a bit of a kick Blucid Dream boasts a medium body, just the right amount of blueberry and an ever so sweet finish. Nothing is going to harsh your vibe with a Blucid Dream in hand.
Pairings: Pizza Bagels and Blueberry Dream Kush

Extra En Yay Ho
Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 12.5% ABV | 53 IBUs

This massive imperial stout was brewed with dark malts and three different types of smoked chiles: poblano, chipotle and mulatto. It was then aged for two months in Extra Anejo Old Town Tequila barrels to mellow the peppers and add some depth to the flavor and nose. It’s more savory than sweet and dangerously strong.
Pairings: Chocolate and Anejo Tequila

Black Sands Brewery

Night Song
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.5% ABV | 60 IBUs

Single Malt and Single Hop IPA – 100% Rahr 2-Row Barley and 100% Hallertau Blanc hops. Flavors of herbal tea, muscat with a dry finish.

Baja – Kolsch
Year round – 4.8% ABV | 20 IBUs

single mat and single hop Kolsch – 100% Pilsner Malt and 100% Ariana hops. Dry slightly bitter and refreshing kolsch

Blue Oak Brewing Co.

Roggen Brau
Vienna Lager
Seasonal – 4.4% ABV | 25 IBUs

Vienna Lager with 20% Rye
Pairings: Wurst, mustard

Apollo 21
American IPA
One off – 8.2% ABV | 65 IBUs

American IPA with Apollo and Galaxy Hops
Pairings: Mexican food, Indian food

Father Marc
Belgia Quad
Limited / Rare – 12% ABV | 26 IBUs

Belgian Quad with roasted malts
Pairings: Chocolate cake, ice cream

Brewery Twenty Five

Passionate Pepo
American Wheat
Year round – 5% ABV

American Wheat Beer brewed with real passionfruit, for a flavor that’s slightly tart, crisp, and refreshing. A tropical paradise named and dedicated to all the passionate people in our industry.

25 ’til Infinity  *** Collaboration with homebrewers Jon Berkland & John Phelan
Hazy IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 7.1% ABV | 32 IBUs
A collaboration with our good friends & award winning homebrewers, Jon Berkland & John Phelan. Hops: Warrior (bittering), Citra & Motueka (Whirlpool), Citra & Motueka (Dry Hop). Dry Hop Rate: Almost 5 pounds per barrel. Malts: Maris Otter, White Wheat, Flaked Oats & Acidulated. Yeast: Conan (Vermont).

Coconut Moons
Oatmeal Stout
Seasonal – 7.7% ABV

An Oatmeal Stout brewed with lots of Toasted Organic Coconut, TCHO Cocoa Nibs & Vanilla Beans. A dark, full-bodied, silky ale with notes of coconut, bittersweet chocolate and vanilla. We like to let this beer warm up so that all of the flavors can open up.

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Alimony IPA West Coast Rye
India Pale Ale
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.8% ABV | 70 IBUs

We tripled the dry hops in our iconic Alimony IPA and added an abundance of rye, creating a huge hop aroma with citrus and tropical notes

Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Fruit Beer
Seasonal – 7.9% ABV

A rich chocolate oatmeal stout brewed with English hops and blueberries. This winter seasonal is balanced with Kent Goldings and cascade hops

Ale X
Barley Wine
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 14.3% ABV

Limited edition barley wine with a hefty portion of rye malt that creates a subtle sweetness. Brewed with hops sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This high gravity ale is deep red to copper in color.

Calicraft Brewing Co

Guava Trees
Sparkling Ale
First-time release, Limited / Rare – 6.5% ABV | 10 IBUs

Made with real guavas, pinot grigio grapes, and rose wine yeast. Intensely fruity but super dry with a wine like finish and acidity.
Pairings: Mexican food, spicy food, salads, seafood

Passionfruit Trees
Sparkling Ale
First-time release, Limited / Rare – 6.5% ABV | 10 IBUs

Made with real passionfruit, sauvignon blanc grapes, and white wine yeast. Intensely fruity but super dry with a wine like finish and acidity.
Pairings: Seafood, salads, creamy cheeses, light pasta

Barrel Project: Sour Hibiscus-Chamomile
Sour Sparkling Ale
First-time release, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 8.5% ABV | 7 IBUs

Barrel aged sour with no beer yeast. Fermented with brettanomyces, red wine yeast, and wild bacteria from wine grape skins. Blended with hibiscus and chamomile teas. Tons of red fruit flavors, balanced with floral chamomile, and finished with red-wine like tannins.
Pairings: BBQ, Cheeses, Pork, Mexican Food

Karl the Foggier
Foggy Double IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.8% ABV | 50 IBUs

Karl the Fog…is now Foggier! A follow up to our popular Karl the Fog IPA – only doubled! This Foggy Double IPA (HAZY DOUBLE IPA) is brewed with Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe for a juicy, dank, tropical hop bomb. Made with oats for an awesome mouthfeel and fermented with our house aromatic ale strain for added complexity.
Pairings: Spicy food, fried food, bar food

Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

Moonage Daydream
Pale Ale
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 5.7% ABV | 36 IBUs

From Yakima With Love  *** Collaboration with Moonraker Brewing Co.
Double IPA
Dry hopped – 8.6% ABV | 68 IBUs
Collaboration with Moonraker.

New Beer Smell
Pale Ale
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 5.7% ABV | 36 IBUs

Turok Juice
Juicy IPA
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 6.8% ABV | 48 IBUs

100% Mosaic Hopped. Juice Yeast.

Coffee and Cigarettes
Lightly Smoked Coffee Porter

Lost Wisdom
Solera Saison

Brainskillzzz  *** Collaboration with Highland Park and Automatic Brewing Company
Puncheon Saison

Nectarine Sour Project
Sour Ale with Frog Hollow Ruby Grand Nectarines

Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Latte Vastness of Space
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla


Clandestine Brewing

Milky Way Stout
Milk Stout
Year round – 5.5% ABV | 40 IBUs

Starting with a fairly standard stout mash bill, this beer adds caramel and toffee flavors, by boiling a portion of the first runnings from the mash tun to a thick, sugary syrup- almost a beer caramel! Combined with the lactose added later in the brewing process, this is one big, highly flavorful beer- but without a high alcohol punch.

Wicked Brick
Strong Hoppy Red
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.3% ABV | 73 IBUs

Deep blood red with an intense aroma of American hops balances the sweet malt caramel notes. Enjoy the nearly 4 pounds per barrel of American hops in this true West Coast hop bomb!

Cleophus Quealy Beer Co

Imma Let You Finnish
Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Barrel aged – 9.3% ABV | 6 IBUs

Scandinavian festival beer aged in gin barrels from 209 Distillery with cedar and juniper berries. Tastes tart, botanical, earthy, and fruity.

POG Saison
Barrel Aged Saison with fruit
First-time release, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.6% ABV | 30 IBUs

Barrel aged saison with passionfruit, blood orange, and guava. Tastes bright, tart, and tropical.

Cherry Red
Barrel Aged Sour Ale with fruit
Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Barrel aged – 7.4% ABV | 4 IBUs

Tart red ale aged in wine barrels with sour cherries. Tastes like fresh fruit, vanilla, balsamic, oak

Citrus Sour
Barrel Aged Sour Golden Ale with fruit
First-time release, Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Barrel aged, – 7.2% ABV | 8 IBUs

Sour ale aged in wine barrels with tangerine and grapefruit. Tastes sour, citrusy, oaky.
Pairings: Goat cheese, mussels, ceviche

Baltic Porter
Barrel Aged Porter
Barrel Aged – 9 % ABV | 30 IBUs

Porter aged in red wine barrels for one year. Tastes like dark stone fruit, coffee, cocoa

Cloverdale Ale Brewing Co.

cloverdale ale
Year round – 6% ABV | 35 IBUs

cloverdale ale is our flagship beer, this perfectly balanced amber ale combines caramel malt with just enough cascade hop kick
Pairings: bbq

floyd ipa
Year round – 6.7% ABV | 70 IBUs

floyd ipa is an beer for all moods. huge bitterness, floral nose and citrus hop notes.
Pairings: pizza

Cooperage Brewing Co.

Brett Midler
Sauv Blanc Barrel Aged Saison with Brett
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.3% ABV | 17 IBUs

Clear and Loathing DIPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.4% ABV | 80 IBUs

DDH Mosaic, Simcoe, Galaxy, and Citra

Curt Cobain Pale Ale
Pale Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 5.8% ABV | 50 IBUs

Mosaic, Simcoe, and Ella

Corralitos Brewing Co.

Hop Kiss
India Pale Ale
Year round | Dry hopped – 7.0% ABV | 64 IBUs

A West Coast IPA showcasing a simple malt bill with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra hops. Tropical and juicy.
Pairings: Blue Cheese, fresh citrus and Thai food.

Raspberries at Night
Fruited Wood and barrel aged Sour Beer
First-time release | Barrel aged – 6.5% ABV | 5 IBUs

A dark blended sour beer with fresh Raspberries. Strong fruit aroma with slight chocolate tones and dark fruit flavors.
Pairings: Brie, fresh fruit and summer salads

Munich Helles Lager
Seasonal – 4.9% ABV | 18 IBUs

A traditional Munich Helles Lager. Clean malt profile with a crisp finish and yeast driven driven aroma.
Pairings: Sea Bass with table crackers and a light white chedder.

Browns Valley
English Brown Ale
One off – 5.2% ABV | 20 IBUs

Sweet malt character with hints of chocolate and fruity yeast driven esters.
Pairings: Roast Beef sandwich, chedder cheese and Corralitos sausages.

Danville Brewing Co.

925 Blonde
American Blonde
Year round – 5.5% ABV

Recently took gold medal at 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards
Pairings: Light creamy cheeses, poached salmon

Tres Diablos
Triple IPA
Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Dry hopped – 10.5% ABV | 130 IBUs

Toasted oats, caramel malts, cinnamon & vanilla combine to produce a beer that tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie.
Pairings: Stinky Cheese, French onion soup

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Spiced amber ale
Seasonal – 6.5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Toasted oats, dark caramel malts, cinnamon and vanilla combine to make a beer that tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie!
Pairings: Bread pudding, vanilla bean ice cream.

Bourbon Barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 10% ABV

Imperial Stout aged for 6 months in a Larceny Bourbon Barrel.
Pairings: Chocolate cake, blackened meats

Das Brew

Double Das
Double IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 8.6% ABV | 90 IBUs

simcoe, huell melon, equinox dry hopped

Mean Monkey Hefeweizen
– 4.5% ABV | 13 IBUs

Hefeweizen with banana/ clove flavor

Dempsey’s Restaurant & Brewery

Double Axel
Imperial IPA
One off | Dry hopped – 9.3% ABV | 64 IBUs

Imperial IPA hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, Calypso, Centennial and Columbus
Pairings: Pizza

First-time release | Dry hopped – 7.8% ABV | 20 IBUs

Brewed to celebrate our 26th Anniversary
Pairings: Hard Cheese

Discretion Brewing

Trip Trap Trip Trap
Seasonal – 7.8% ABV | 25 IBUs

‘Bock’ means ‘billy goat,’ and the name of our bock is the sound of the hooves of the three billy goats Gruff on the bridge that brings them to the sweet green meadow. Trip Trap Trip Trap is a dark, strong, Munich-style lager with complex maltiness.

Jugo Nuevo
Hazy IPA
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 5.4% ABV | 50 IBUs

This new-school hazy IPA is loaded with aromas of tropical fruits. Hops, hops, and more hops were added to to this beer throughout the production process to create a distinctively succulent IPA with notes of pineapple and guava. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought this was some sort of ‘new juice’ rather than our latest IPA.

East Brother Beer Co.

Gold IPA
Wheat IPA
Year round – 7.3% ABV | 59 IBUs

An American hoppy IPA with a bright nose, distinctive texture — bold on the palate, dry finish.

Bo Pils
Bohemian Pilsner
Year round – 5% ABV | 43 IBUs

Bohemian style, golden with a lemony noble hop character — light, grainy finish.

Red Lager
Vienna Lager
Year round – 4.6% ABV | 20 IBUs

Vienna style amber with a biscuity malt presence — clean, crisp, familiar.

Baltic Porter  *** Collaboration with Country Malt Group
Baltic Porter
First-time release, Limited / Rare, Seasonal – 7.6% ABV | 39 IBUs

Collaboration Brew with Jonathon Plisé of Country Malt Group, featuring Thomas Fawcett Malts. A quaffable Baltic Porter with layers of roasted and chocolate flavors.

Eight Bridges Brewing, Inc.

I’m Easy IIIPA
Triple IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 10% ABV | 65 IBUs

Clean malt base and mildly bitter triple IPA that supports a complex of new hops. Aroma and flavor characteristics include tropical notes of citrus and fresh, juicy mango. Notes of orchard fruit and pine needles add to the complexity of hop aromas and flavors. Finishes dryer than a typical double or triple IPA.

First-time release | Dry hopped – 6% ABV | 8 IBUs

Unique lacto tart sour beer that includes dry-hopping resulting in light pineapple, pine, passion fruit aromas and flavors that combine well with the lemony lacto sour flavors.

El Toro Brewing Co

El Toro Poppy Jasper Amber Ale
English Style Brown Ale
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 5.3% ABV | 69 IBUs

Poppy Jasper Amber was created in 1994 and has won many medals including Silver at the Great American Beer Festival in 1996. It has also won as an American Amber Ale. Poppy Jasper Amber is named after the Semi-Precious quartz from Morgan Hill and named for the Brewery Owners’ oldest daughter, Amber. Cheers!
Pairings: Pairs well with our Tri Tip Sandwich , Wood Fired Pizzas and A

Ghost Chili Golden Ale
Pepper Beer infused with Ghost Chilis
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 4.5% ABV | 45 IBUs

Ghost Chili Golden Ale was created at the request of Apex Beer Bar in Portland. Jessie wanted a super HOT and Spicy beer. Since then we have competed and the GABJ Judges comments were ‘Satan would be PROUD!’ Many find it to be the HOTTEST BEER IN THE WORLD, so try it!
Pairings: Milk and Yogurt are the way to cool down the Ghost Chili burn!

El Toro Deuce Imperial IPA
Double IPA
Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Dry hopped – 7.73% ABV | 125 IBUs

El Toro Deuce Imperial IPA has won ‘Best Hoppiest Beer in the Nation’ award and Crown at the Alpha King Challenge in 2003. Brewmaster Geno is very generous with malt and loads of hops to create this special released Seasonal Double IPA. Cheers!
Pairings: Spicy foods such as our Ghost Chili Super Hot Wings, or our Spicy BeerBQue Smoked Brisket.

Elevation 66 Brewing Co.

Vista Park
Pale Ale
Seasonal – 6% ABV | 55 IBUs

Brown Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.5% ABV

Barrel Aged Brown Ale with Black Mission Figs

Elkhorn Slough Brewing Co.

Pajaro Gold
Year round – 5.9% ABV | 25 IBUs

Bold Czech pilsner inspired lager with a west coast twist

Three Letter Acronym
Bourbon Barrel Aged Flanders
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 8.5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Dark red wild ale aged in templeton rye whiskey barrel and cellered. Funky acid profile.

Dharma Peel
BBA Imperial Stout
Seasonal | Barrel aged – 10.5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Imperial Stout aged in Four Roses Bourbon Barrel over orange peel

Wild Ale
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.2% ABV | 20 IBUs

Funky dry sour blond. Hints of Lemon and Pepper

Epidemic Ales

Double IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.5% ABV | 84 IBUs

We definitely ‘killed’ it with the huge additions of Mosaic & experimental hops that bring out pineapple, guava & tangerine aromas.

Red Plague
American Red
Year round – 5% ABV | 23 IBUs

American red with a smoke-y twist.


Cats In Fatsuits
New England-Style DIPA
Dry hopped – 7.9% ABV

Cats In Tracksuits was a beer we brewed just over a year ago … Cats In Fatsuits is what happens when beers stop working out and get bigger! This New England-Style DIPA has a huge nose of Juicy Fruit gum, and intense tropical and stone fruit flavors from use of Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops and GigaYeast Vermont IPA yeast. Soft bitterness and a creamy mouthfeel make it super easy to drink, especially for a 7.9% beer.
Pairings: Citrus-infused Salads, BBQ

Bayview Haze  *** Collaboration recipe riff of official SFBW SF Bayview Collaboration
Hazy Pomegranate DIPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 7.9% ABV
Our ‘SFBW Neighborhood Collaboration’ with our Bayview line friends from Barebottle, Laughing Monk, and Seven Stills. Each brewery made their own version of this beer, the common thread? Incorporate pomegranate into a Hazy IPA. For our take, we added fruit puree to our Cats In Fatsuits DIPA and the results are sublime! The tart fruit riffs off the tropical and citrus notes from the Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops in the base beer, creating a unique and thoroughly refreshing drinking experience.
Pairings: Salads, Desserts

Spinderella  *** Collaboration with homebrewer Matt Bixby
Salt-n-Pepa Gose
First-time release, One off – 4.3% ABV
Our ‘Iron Brewer Competition’ winner. Each year, we challenge homebrewers to use unique ingredients to create one-of-a-kind beers. This year, we challenged them with ingredients found in the Bloody Mary. The winner, Matt Bixby, was given Black Peppercorns, which he incorporated into the tartly sour, historic Gose style. Crisp with a bright sourness, the traditional Sea Salt and Coriander lay the foundation on which the Black Pepper addition provides just the right amount of spicy kick and some lingering heat in the finish.
Pairings: Cheese, Shrimp Dishes, Mango Salsa

Helles Afraid We’ll Take Over
Munich Helles
– 5.3% ABV

A clean, malt-oriented lager showcasing the grainy sweetness of Pilsner malt. Spicy and floral notes from Perle hops and a dry finish keep the sweetness in check, making it exceedingly refreshing. A perfect beer for everyday consumption. GigaYeast German Lager yeast.
Pairings: Salads, Seafood

Fogbelt Brewing Co.

Sour Farmhouse
One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.9% ABV | 51 IBUs

Aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels on brettanomyces for twelve months.

Federation Giant
Imperial Irish Coffee Stout
Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Barrel aged – 9.1% ABV | 21 IBUs

A blend of Ethiopian cold brew coffee and Alley 6 whiskey soaked oak chips. Smooth roasted bitterness with a slight touch of booze.

Yellow Vine
Belgian Golden Ale
Limited / Rare – 6.1% ABV | 24 IBUs

Viognier juice was added to provide an upfront sweetness. It is fruity and floral with bitter crispness.

Red Wheat IPA
Seasonal – 7.3% ABV | 54 IBUs

A generously hopped IPA brewed with Red Wheat, which lends it both a deep color and body, as well as a silky mouthfeel.

Fort Point Beer Co.

Limited / Rare, Seasonal – 6.5% ABV | 54 IBUs

Manzanita is an imaginative take on the classic German rauchbier, combining traditional ingredients with inspiration from the Northern California wilderness. An assertive, multi-layered smoke aroma— courtesy of beechwood-smoked malts and charred manzanita branches— gives way to a light-bodied structure and a surprisingly delicate balance of flavors: nutty, herbal, sweet and savory. A beer for a campfire on a crisp fall night.

Galaxy Park
Galaxy Park
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 4.7% ABV | 19 IBUs

Galaxy Park is going to be a killer explosion of dank tropical flavor from one of Australia’s coolest hop varieties. This hop is known for its gigantic pineapple, passionfruit and citrus zing, and just screams tropical fruit punch. It can also express a cannabis aroma, and a faint reductive petrol essence similar to riesling. Galaxy is a truly complex and beautiful hop that will really shine in a light-bodied, well-structured beer like Park.
Pairings: Poke

Mosaic Park
Single Hop IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 4.7% ABV | 19 IBUs

Mosaic Park will be a lush and juicy deviation from the bright citrus flavors in the original Park. Mosaic has become one of the darling hops of the modern IPA scene because it offers such a depth of flavor—everything from papaya, dark berry, grass and sweet citrus. The tart and snappy malt foundation of Park will accentuate some of the richer fruit flavors, while the bière de garde yeast drives the brighter, floral tones of Mosaic.

Blended Saison
Limited / Rare, Seasonal – 6.5% ABV | 25 IBUs

Bright, rustic and complex, Resonance is an elegant new take on the classic saison style. A blend of two fermentations—one dry and earthy, one tart—creates juicy citrus notes, balanced by subtle spice and an effervescent finish. This beer is dynamic, melodic and pleasantly surprising on the palate, a simple luxury welcome at any dinner party.

Kolsch-style Ale
KSA combines a thoughtful mixture of American bittering hops and traditional German malts to create a complex yet crisp take on the Kölsch style. Munich and Vienna malts construct the beer’s robust, rich grain flavor, while Saphir and Warrior hops bring balance through a clean finish. KSA’s old-school style, blended with bright, updated ingredients, makes this beer a classic on both continents.

Tropical IPA

Wildly aromatic and assertively bitter, Animal roars from its first sip. Vic Secret and Citra hops blend bold pineapple flavors up front, while Simcoe and Meridian lend a piney, crisp finish. Golden Promise, Two Row and Carapils malts balance the dank, tropical punch of this big IPA.

Freewheel Brewing Co.

Zestier Shade of Pale
Meyer Lemon Pale Ale
First-time release – 5.9% ABV | 24 IBUs

This refreshing pale ale was brewed with the zest from 60lbs of Meyer lemons. A light golden maltiness, and a moderate hop bitterness, balance the citrus and round out the flavor profile. A great beer to say goodbye to Winter and welcome sunny weather!
Pairings: Salmon Salad

Big Tree ESB
English Special Bitter
Year round – 5.6% ABV | 38 IBUs

A malt-forward Extra Special Bitter. A proper bitter on keg!
Pairings: Cheeseburger

Shelterwood Chestnut Brown
Brown Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Cask / firkin – 6.0% ABV | 29 IBUs

Special Release Chestnut Brown Ale on Cask. Hand peeled and roasted chestnuts.
Pairings: Shepherd’s Pie

English Pale
Year round | Cask / firkin – 4.1% ABV | 45 IBUs

Creamy head and smooth body with Centennial hops giving thirst cutting bitterness and aroma.
Pairings: Hot Wings

Ghost Town Brewing

Last Caress
Triple IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 10.7% ABV

Foggy Memory
Hazy IPA
Dry hopped

Old Treppaner
Barley Wine
Seasonal – 10% ABV

Foreign Object
Foreign Stout
Year round – 7% ABV


Gilman Brewing

Champ Rouchax
Nectarine Saison
Year round – 9% ABV | 11 IBUs

Tart stonefruit, crisp, complex wheat with a dry finish.
Pairings: High Fives

Antifreeze IPA
Seasonal – 8% ABV | 56 IBUs

A juicy NE/West Coast hybrid style DIPA. Tropical/citrus hop bomb with moderate bitterness.
Pairings: Good Times

Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 8.5% ABV | 50 IBUs

Woodford Reserve barrel aged Imperial Stout.
Pairings: Colluding

Vieux Rouillé
Belgian Golden Stron
Limited / Rare – 8% ABV | 13 IBUs

A classic Belgian golden strong
Pairings: Early 90s Hip-Hop/R&B

Golden State Brewery

Freshly Kilned
English Pale Ale
One off – 4.7% ABV | 28 IBUs

Brewed with fresh roasted malts from Admiral Maltings, one of SF Beer Week’s sponsors. Malts used were Maiden Voyage, Gallagher’s Best, and Caramel 20.

Wham, Bam, Dank you Ma’am!  *** Collaboration with Taplands
Triple IPA
Dry hopped – 10.3% ABV | 95 IBUs
Collaboration triple with Taplands (Santa Clara, CA). A West Coast style IPA brewed with Topaz and Citra hops. Fleshy citrus notes and a whole lotta dankness!

Grav South Brew Co

7 Figure IPA
American IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 7.4% ABV | 96 IBUs

American IPA with a clean malt bill hopped with Citra, Cascade, Mosaic and Belma hops.
Pairings: Spicy food

French Vanilla Porter
Oaked Robust Porter
Seasonal – 6.3% ABV | 39 IBUs

Classic Robust Porter hopped with Kent Golding and Fuggles then aged on dark toasted French Oak and Madagascar vanilla beans. A complex flavor profile with notes of chocolate, toffee, coffee and toasted marshmallow.
Pairings: Desserts

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Swing for the Fences XXIPA
Double IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 9.7% ABV

Our Double IPA is a dry, clean, and crisp beer with a light amount of Vienna malt for a nice malt backbone. Hop forward but with a well-balanced bitterness, liberally dry-hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial for a fruity, piney and citrusy hop nose.
Pairings: Food

Lost in the Fog  *** Collaboration with Hop Dogma
Blackberry, Vanilla Milkshake IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.3% ABV
We are mixing it up with a blackberry, vanilla, rye, milkshake IPA, brewed with our friends and neighbors, Hop Dogma and Sacrilege Brewing Project. Made with real blackberries and whole vanilla beans.
Pairings: Food

Saison Sandwich  *** Collaboration with Marin Brewing Co.
Farmhouse Ale
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.3% ABV
Brewed with our good friend, Arne, from Marin Brewing Company. We brewed a saison using pilsner, abbey, and rye malts, and then blended it with a farmhouse ale with brett that we had been aging for 18 months in chardonnay barrels, resulting is a delightfully funky saison.
Pairings: Food

Zeta Juice  *** Collaboration with Independent Brewing
One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 5.9% ABV
Simcoe, Citra, and Galaxy with a super tropical special yeast blend.
Pairings: Food

Hapa’s Brewing Co.

Hungry Dog
West Coast IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.2% ABV | 50 IBUs

Classic West Coast IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. Bright citrus notes are prominent in the nose but balance on the palate by subtle malt character.

Don’t Be Evil
Kettle Sour w/ Raspberry
First-time release – 5.1% ABV | 4 IBUs

Crisp and clean tartness takes center stage in this light bodied, dry finishing beer. A generous addition of raspberry puree adds a layer of complexity and sophisticated berry flavor.

Harmonic Brewing

Roast of the Town
Coffee Brown Ale
First-time release, Seasonal – 5.0% ABV | 15 IBUs

Roasty brown ale dosed with freshly roasted, whole espresso beans from Reveille Coffee in Mission Bay. Drinks like cold brew coffee.

Invisible Haze  *** Collaboration with Barebottle Brewing
Double IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.0% ABV | 60 IBUs
Barebottle collaboration. Each of us brewed the same recipe with Amarillo & Mosaic hops and Vermont yeast for a juicy profile. We clarified ours while Barebottle upped the haze in theirs. Can you taste the difference?

Prague Rock
Czech/Norcal Pilsner
First-time release – 5.1% ABV | 15 IBUs

100% fresh Admiral pils malt, grown in Norcal and malted in Alameda.

Nocino Dub Side
Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.7% ABV | 15 IBUs

Aged on Norcal green walnuts in rye whiskey barrels. Super smooth and complex.

HenHouse Brewing Co.

Year round – 5.5% ABV

HenHouse Saison is made with Sonoma County wheat, for drinking after a long day at work. We brew it with black pepper and coriander, which builds on the spiciness of the French saison yeast. The grapefruit and orange peel you taste is from a slight Cascade hops addition. Wheat and German pilsner malt give our Saison a dry, gently grainy finish. It’s a beer you can sit and think about, but you don’t have to.

Oyster Stout
Oyster Stout
Year round – 4.8% ABV

We brew HenHouse Oyster Stout with whole oysters and oyster shells from Hog Island Oyster Company and add a touch of sea salt. The calcium from the oysters brings out the chocolate and coffee notes from the roast barley and English malt. The sea salt grants a slight brine aroma.

Golden Ale
Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale
Limited / Rare – 11.2% ABV

HenHouse Belgian-style Golden Ale is the first beer we ever brewed and a study in fermentation character. Trappist yeast esters and a blend of European hops create a depth of fruit flavors, cantaloupe, banana, peaches and apricots, which conceal this beer’s strength and lend to social sipping. Dry and warming, it’s a beer that can age or be enjoyed today. HenHouse Golden Ale is the work of our hands, hearts and brains and we hope you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoy making it.

Hermitage Brewing Co.

Cherry Rocinate
Inspired by Flemish Style Red Ale
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7 % ABV

Inspired by a Flemish Style Red ale, barrel aged with Balaton sour cherries.

Pineapple Ophion
Foeder beer
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 10% ABV

Golden farmhouse style sour fermented in our virgin oak foeder. We incorporated 425lbs of pureed pineapple for a tart and fruity finish.

Highway 1 Brewing

Road Trip Mosaic
Single Hop Pale Ale
Year round | Dry hopped – 5.8% ABV | 40 IBUs

American Pale Ale featuring Mosaic hops added five times during the brewing process with a generous dry hop.

Highway 1 Hibiscus Lager
American Lager
Limited / Rare – 4% ABV | 16 IBUs

American lager brewed with dried hibiscus flower in the whirlpool and more hibiscus added post fermentation.
Pairings: Drinks like Rosé so try it with your favorite wine pairings.

Hop Dogma Brewing Co.

Dogmabock Doppelbock
Seasonal – 8.4% ABV

Dark, Malty, Winter Lager

Greener Pastures
Double IPA
One off – 8.5% ABV

Double IPA brewed with Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops

Cucumber Rocket Surgery
Belgian Witbier
Limited / Rare – 5.4% ABV

Belgian style Wit brewed with fresh cucumber

Humble Sea Brewing Co.

Mankini Lines
Foggy Double IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 8.2% ABV

Juicy double IPA featuring Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Compulsory Triple IPA
Triple IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 10.85% ABV | 80 IBUs

Triple IPA dry-hopped to the BeJesus Belt with Amarillo, Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic
Pairings: Good Times, Bad Decisions, and Walks of Shame

Voluntary Pale Ale
Pale ale made with the second and third mash runnings from Compulsory Triple IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 5.5% ABV | 35 IBUs

Mosaic dry-hopped Pale
Pairings: Games Of Twister, Acts of Selflessness, and an Epic Russian Novel

Screaming Eagle
American Light Lager
Limited / Rare – 4.2% ABV | 9 IBUs

A super light clean lager as a counter balance to all the big crazy beers being released right now.

Laughing Monk Brewing Co.

Precious Cargo
Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 9.8% ABV | 35 IBUs

Oak, dark chocolate are present in the nose, while similar flavors and hints of vanilla and caramel on the palate.

Pluot Pulpit
Belgian Style Tripel with Pluot
First-time release, One off – 8% ABV | 20 IBUs

Bayview Haze  *** Collaboration recipe riff of official SFBW SF Bayview Collaboration
Pomegranate infused IPA
First-time release, One off | Dry hopped – 7.2% ABV | 50 IBUs

Coffee ‘N Cream
Cream Ale infused with Light Roast Coffee
Limited / Rare – 5.5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Gold in color, and a bright white head. Hints of light roast coffee, vanilla and cream in the aroma and flavor with a clean, soft finish.

Evening Vespers
Belgian-style Dubbel

Devil’s Hoard
Imperial Stout

Local Brewing Co.

Galactic Strata
Double IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 9.2% ABV | 33 IBUs

Hazy Double IPA, triple dry-hopped with Galaxy and Strata hops = huge tropical fruit notes of Kiwi, Mango, and Papaya.
Pairings: More hops!

Bourbon Sutro
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout
One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.6% ABV | 42 IBUs

Our flagship nitro, Sutro Tower Stout, aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel for 6mo. Rich chocolate, cocoa, bourbon, oak and toast.
Pairings: Tartine Teacakes

Perfect Strangers
Fruit Sour w/ Philz Coffee
One off, Limited / Rare – 4% ABV | 8 IBUs

Inspired by a fruit desert, this kettle sour has one pound of Raspberry and Passionfruit puree per gallon of beer, and we topped it off with 2lbs per barrel of Philz Coffee.

Loma Brewing Co.

Greek God of Hops
Year round | Dry hopped – 9.0% ABV | 76 IBUs

Floral, pine, and lemon hop aroma and dry, bitter finish

Boys Club
American Lager
Year round – 4.3% ABV | 13 IBUs

A light, refreshing lager with a subtle, sweet corn and rice aroma and flavor

Lost Coast Brewery

Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare – 10% ABV | 50 IBUs

Dark Brown color, notes of dark chocolate, and chili spice. Creamy mouth feel with hints of coffee and slight hop presence.
Pairings: Cheese

Mandarina Pale Ale
Pale Ale with Mandarina hops added
One off | Dry hopped – 5.2% ABV | 52 IBUs

Our classic Pale Alex dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops to give to subtle complexity with a hint of citrus. Great aroma with a slight bitterness that rounds out the beer.
Pairings: Cheese

Mad Fritz Brewing Co

Terroir Series-Napa Ale ( 100% Single Origin Ale)
Belgo-American Brown Ale
Limited / Rare | Cask / firkin – 6.5% ABV | 45 IBUs

We grew the barley in Napa Valley then floor malted it at Mad Fritz, sourced water from a mountain well and used Napa grown cascade hops. Aromas of malt-toast tones with savory hints from the hops. The palate is dry and crisp with a clean bitter finish
Pairings: Roasted chicken, pulled pork and lighly smoked meats

The Old Man and Death
Imperial Rye Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged, Cask / firkin – 8.1% ABV | 45 IBUs

A bold style stout made with Full Pint malted barley and malted Rye, Ivanhoe hops (land-race variety grown in Clear Lake CA) and local waters. It was aged in new French Oak for 6 weeks and shows a wonderful pairing of oak spice, roast barley and the savory-spice notes from the malted rye
Pairings: Braised meats and mushroom risotto

Oast House Ale-Cascade Hops Sonoma County
American IPA
Seasonal | Barrel aged, Dry hopped, Cask / firkin – 7.5% ABV | 50 IBUs

Our first beer made with Admiral malt and a 100% California Sourced beer made from a single variety of local hops, Cascade, from a single hop farm in Sonoma County. We used Lewelling spring water that is very high in minerality. This beer is tropical yet layered with melon and citrus as well.
Pairings: truffled fries with parmasean cheese

The Birds and the Beasts
Limited / Rare, Barrel aged, Cask / firkin – 10.7% ABV | 88 IBUs

This barley wine ale was made with 100% Full Pint barley Estate grown and malted in Madras Oregon. We brewed with 100% Centennial hops and aged in New Hungarian Oak for 3 months prior to bottling. Watch you head!
Pairings: Aged cheese

Marin Brewing Co.

Hella Art Wah Pilsner
German-style Pilsner
Limited / Rare – 5.7% ABV | 35 IBUs

Hoppy German-style Pilsner brewed with Belgian Pilsner Malt, Augustiner yeast and hopped with Saphir, Hallertau & Aramis
Pairings: Prawns in Green Mole with Cauliflower Rice

Admiral Loral Navy Strength Saison
Super Saison
First-time release, Limited / Rare – 8.5% ABV | 23 IBUs

Strong Saison brewed with organic first batch ‘Maiden Voyage’ Malt from Admiral Maltings in Alameda. Hopped with Loral hops and fermented with ‘Fantome’s’ primary yeast strain to achieve an extremely estery flavor profile
Pairings: Smoked Octopus Poke

Double I.P.A.
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 8.4% ABV | 86 IBUs

Bada$$ hoppy ale brewed with Canadian Pale Ale malt, English yeast and sexy hops. Has occasionally been utilized as a truth serum.
Pairings: Seared Duck breast with Ancho-orange sauce

‘Flake News’ Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout  *** Collaboration with Celebrator Beer News
Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 10.0% ABV | 71 IBUs
Brewed to honor our friends at the Celebrator Beer News, on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary. Don’t believe the hopaganda.
Pairings: Chilled Stillwater Vodka and the latest issue of the Celebrator

Napa Smith Brewery

Imperial IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 9.2% ABV | 96 IBUs

Hopageddon is a deeply malt forward beer, but boasts a dank NW hop character. This beer is grounded by oak additions complimenting the malt and hop balance. Glowing a fiery orange color and a full white head.
Pairings: Fast times and hard living

West Coast IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.3% ABV | 69 IBUs

A flavorful easy drinking IPA with a pale orange color and a light to medium body. Hopped with Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, and Columbus gives aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and pine.
Pairings: Tops off and sunny days

Black Chasm
Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.8% ABV | 54 IBUs

This stout pours with a dense beige head and a medium dark body. Aromas of slightly burnt molasses lead into notes of vanilla, oak, and a hint of bourbon.
Pairings: Dark and stormy mornings

New Bohemia Brewing Co

Hellesexy  *** Collaboration with Mutari Chocolate
One off, Limited / Rare – 4.8% ABV | 24 IBUs
Hellesexy is a truly untraditional lager, inspired by the classic Munich Lager in alcohol content, bitterness and color. Brewed with lactose for body, and aged on freshly warmed cacao nibs from our friends at Mutari Chocolate in Santa Cruz, and brewed with 100% Mandarina Bavaria hops. The slightly orange aromas from the hops add a classic zest to our chocolate brew. We used Czeske Budejovice yeast that allows the crisp nuttiness of Idaho Pilsner malt to shine through and frame the fresh chocolate on a platform of clean lager beer.

Captain FGS
Baltic Porter
Limited / Rare, Seasonal – 9.8% ABV | 24 IBUs

Captain FGS is a big bold Baltic Porter that has flavors of vanilla and chocolate and a slightly roasty finish. It has a dark body and an herbally hop finish. At 9.8% ABV, this brew will help warm you up from the wet Northern California winter.

NuLu  *** Collaboration with Loma Brewing
Imperial Kolsch
One off, Limited / Rare – 6.7% ABV | 24 IBUs
The NuLo Imperial Kolsch is a collaboration between NuBo and our friends at Loma Brewing. It is a twisted version of a classic, by two veteran brewers with more of everything. With an ABV of 6.7%, and a generous amount of malted wheat this Kolsch clearly wasn’t made in Cologne, but it’ll warm your soul (and body) with its smoothness and strength.

Czech Pilsner
Year round – 5.2% ABV | 45 IBUs

NuBo Pils is a classic Pilsner style lager with crisp, clean aromas of honey and spice. Absolutely refreshing and slightly bitter, our NuBo Pils is made with Hallertauer Mittelfruh and Tradition.

Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
First-time release | Barrel aged – 10% ABV

North Coast Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XX
Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 11.9% ABV | 38 IBUs

20th Anniversary Barrel Aged Old Rasputin

Cranberry Quince Berlinerweiss
Seasonal | Near gluten free – 4.1% ABV | 0 IBUs

Spontaneously soured and perfectly tart

Beachmaster Imperial IPA
American Imperial IPA
One off, Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Dry hopped – 9% ABV | 100 IBUs

The easiest drinking Imperial IPA around

Belgian Golden Ale
Year round – 7.6% ABV | 20 IBUs

Floral nose, a fruity flavor and a clean finish

Novel Brewing Co.

Peach Don’t Preach
Golden Sour Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 5.2% ABV

A golden ale wood fermented in two red wine barrels of unknown origin with a different Belgian yeast in each barrel, along with multiple brett strains, lacto, and pedio. The beer remained in the barrel after fermentation for a little more than 6 months before getting blended together in a stainless steel tank, where it matured on peaches. [Hops: Willamette]

Go, Dog. Go!
New England-style IPA
Dry hopped – 6.6% ABV

Heavy aromas of honeydew melon, stone fruit, and strawberry from the hops, and bursting tropical flavors to match, this IPA will set you well on your way to finding that elusive dog party! Hops: El Dorado, GR Huell Melon

Double Grainbow
Double IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 8.3% ABV

A V-2 rocket strike is all but imminent, so we doubled down on Ravity’s Grainbow in search of the elusive Double Grainbow. This bold 8.3% IPA explodes with piney and grapefruit hop flavors and aromas, and malt bulletproof body that fortifies your belly like a WWII bomb shelter. [Hops: CTZ, Citra, Centennial]

Brett Saison
One off | Barrel aged – 7.0% ABV

Brett on the Farm is our slightly modified Farm Press Saison recipe aged in stainless for months with a blend of brettanomyces. The result is a wonderfully complex saison with slight funk and pineapple aromatics, a soft and dry mouthfeel, and a mellow citrus finish. [Hops: GR Hallertauer Mittelfrueh]

Oakland United Beerworks

Brewbies Oceanside 2018
American Pale Ale
One off – 7% ABV

An American Pale Ale brewed with Alameda’s Admiral Maltings’ Feldblume malt, additions of blood orange in the secondary fermentation join the flavors and aromas of the hops for a chorus of citrus, while pomegranate additions add a subtle ripeness. Brewed for the annual Brewbies’ Festivals held in Oceanside and Alameda.
Pairings: Pale Ales are wonderful with fried foods. Try this one with Bahn Mi or Pad Thai for an exotic treat!

Oakland United Beerworks Bavarian Hefeweizen
Bavarian Hefeweizen
Year round – 5.2% ABV | 12 IBUs

Known as the breakfast beer of Bavaria, this refreshing summer beer is made with 50% malted wheat, 50% pilsner malt, German noble hops, and with a famous German yeast strain contributing notes of banana and clove.
Pairings: Great with buttery shellfish or grilled whitefish. Add a beany side dish and you’ve got perfection.

#nofilterbananaslpitbock  *** Collaboration with Marin Brewing
8% ABV | 25 IBUs
This collab with Marin Brewing Co. melds the flavors of cacao nibs, cherry juice, and vanilla extract with the banana esters of the yeast to bring you a beer so decadent you might just have to order dessert first.
Pairings: Bread pudding, banana bread, or even an actual banana split!
Oakland United Beerworks

Smoked Black Lager
Seasonal – 5.3% ABV | 21 IBUs

Rauchschwarzbier literally translates to ‘smoked black lager.’ A medium-bodied beer, the Rauchschwarzbier makes use of Beechwood smoked malt for a wintery remix of our beloved Black Lager.
Pairings: Perfect with grilled meats and veggies, or anything smothered in BBQ sauce.

Old Bus Tavern

Mystery Train Imperial IPA
Imperial IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped, Near gluten free – 8.9% ABV | 85 IBUs

This big and juicy IIPA features heavy doses of Australian Enigma hops in the whirlpool and dry hop, as well as touches of Amarillo, El Dorado, and Simcoe, for notes of raspberry, orange zest, and pine resin.
Pairings: Bacon bleu cheeseburger

Lemon Basil Saison
Saison (with fruit & herb)
Year round | Near gluten free – 7.6% ABV | 32 IBUs

Our reinterpretation of the classic farmhouse ale, brewed with fresh basil and Meyer lemon zest. Includes Belgian Pilsner malt, white wheat, and acidulated malt for slight tartness. Fermented warmer to accent peppery, phenolic yeast characteristics.
Pairings: Fish tacos, brie

Old Kan Beer & Co.

Old Kan Classic
Common Lager
Limited / Rare, Year round – 5% ABV | 35 IBUs

California Common Lager brewed with all California malts.

California Rice Lager
First-time release – 4.5% ABV | 15 IBUs

California Rice Lager brewed with all California rice and grain.

Original Pattern Brewing Co.

First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 5.8% ABV | 40 IBUs

Leads with some grassiness, yeast spice and toasted malt notes in the aroma, followed by a dash of citrus and a dry malt finish.

As You Wish
American IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.9% ABV | 55 IBUs

Melon and Berry Aromas come through and blend with citrusy hop flavors intermingled with some light biscuit malt character. This beer is dominated by new age German hops in the kettle, and a blend of Mosaic, Moteuka, and Hallertau Blanc in the dry hop.

East to West Sunset
English Brown
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 4.8% ABV | 25 IBUs

Malt notes dominate the aroma with biscuit, toast, and caramel. The flavor mimics the nose, and the finish is nice and dry. Keeping you coming back for more.

Dry Irish Stout
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 4.2% ABV | 45 IBUs

Our Dry Irish Stout is a nod to one of the classics, but a touch roastier. Deceptively light and quaffable, with roasted notes and a creamy mouthfeel.

Oakland Gold
American Lager
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 5.0% ABV | 28 IBUs

This copper-golden Lager blends hops and techniques of the old and new world. Designed to be refreshing, drinkable, interesting, with a clean and dry finish.

Sequential Standard
Belgian Witbier
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 4.7% ABV | 17 IBUs

A classic witbier made with freshly zested citrus. Effervescent, yeasty, dry, subtle spiciness with hints of orange, coriander, grapefruit.

Pedro Point Brewing

Coastal Cooler IPA
NE style IPA
First-time release, Year round | Dry hopped – 6.1% ABV | 75 IBUs

A West Coast take on an East Coast trend. Coastal Cooler is a hazy, dry-hopped IPA that blends the hop-forward West Coast character with the juicy, haziness of a Northeast style IPA. Smooth, medium bodied and easy drinking, it’s like a citrus cooler in beer form.
Pairings: This beer pairs particularly well with spicy Mexican or Indian food, but is excellent by itself.

Chocolate Dunkelweizen
First-time release, Seasonal – 5.4% ABV | 24 IBUs

A rich, roasted chocolate wheat beer that is dark in color and medium-bodied. This take on a German dunkelweizen is designed to create the cozy contentment that is described by the Danish word Hygge.
Pairings: This beer pairs best with a comfy chair, a warm fire and a thick, cozy blanket.

Peter B’s Brewpub

Something Something Dankside *** Collaboration with Country Malt Group
New England IPA
One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.6% ABV | 58 IBUs

Heavy dry hopping contributes aromas of raspberries and lime zest, with fruity and earthy citrus flavors…Dare I say Dank? Chewy with a soft mouthfeel from White wheat and oats.
Pairings: Ceviche, citrus salad, chili.

Copper Clad Copper Lager
Caramel Steam Lager
One off – 5.4% ABV | 26 IBUs

Brewed in Collaboration with Country Malt Group, this beer highlights Great Western Caramel Steam Malt. This beer reminds me of roasted peanuts, graham crackers and sugar plums! It has a smooth yet lingering caramel finish. For fans of English-style Ambers or Bock bier, this is a must try!
Pairings: Burgers, clubhouse sandwiches, onion rings, str8 nothing

Cuffing Season Eisbock
German Eisbock
First-time release, Limited / Rare – 8.8% ABV | 26 IBUs

Role those cuffs down baby! There comes a time, as the temperature drops, when singletons should find someone to ride out the winter with. Light spice, prunes, and bakers chocolate on the nose with raisin bread and honey flavors and a sweet lingering finish. Heavy on the palate-a very decadent sipping beer to share with someone special fireside.
Pairings: Bread pudding, Toffee, Caramel Chessecake or enjoy as dessert itself

Arctic Fawkes Spiced White Stout
Bourbon Barrel Spiced Winter Warmer
One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.7% ABV | 9 IBUs

Warming Flavors of Rye Bourbon Barrels collide with spices and cacao nibs to form an apple pie meets chocolate cheesecake menagerie.
Pairings: Unsure

Cranberry French Saison
One off, Limited / Rare – 7.8% ABV | 23 IBUs

Made with 160 pounds of freshly harvested cranberries from the assistant brewers family’s farm in Wisconsin. Tart, tangy and pink with excellent mouth-feel followed by a dry finish reminiscent of Oranges, spice and earth.

Plow Brewing Co.

First-time release | Dry hopped – 6.6% ABV | 50 IBUs

Muggins is a cribbage inspired west coast IPA. Which means, we like to drink this while playing cribbage. We dry hopped this beer with a bunch of both the classic C hops and the new C hops. Cribbage + Cards + C hops = a whole lot of C awesome!
Pairings: Cribbage!

Sonoma Coast
California Pilsner
Year round | Dry hopped – 5.1% ABV | 30 IBUs

We use Canadian malted barley, mix it with Californian water, and throw in hops from the Czech Republic to create an exceptionally satiating beer. This is our go to Disc Golfing beer.
Pairings: Disc Golf

The Rare Barrel

2017 Ensorcelled
Fruited Dark Sour
Seasonal | Barrel aged – 6.2% ABV

Dark sour beer aged in oak barrels with raspberries

Outlaw Bound
Fruited Golden Sour
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.1% ABV

Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Prickly Pear and Lime Zest

Stone Age Love
Fruited Golden Sour
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 5.6% ABV

Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Tart Cherries

Russian River Brewing Co.

Pliny the Younger
Triple IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 10.25% ABV

Pliny the Younger, the man, was Pliny the Elder’s nephew and adopted son. They lived nearly 2,000 years ago! Pliny the Elder is our Double IPA, so we felt it was fitting to name our Triple IPA after his son. It is almost a true Triple IPA with triple the amount of hops as a regular I.P.A. That said, it is extremely difficult, time and space consuming, and very expensive to make. And that is why we don’t make it more often! This beer is very full-bodied with tons of hop character in the nose and throughout. It is also deceptively well-balanced and smooth.

STS Pils
Year round | Dry hopped – 5.35% ABV

STS Pils is a classic European style Pilsner. It is straw in color and often times will have a slight haze due to the fact that it is unfiltered. STS Pils is a hop forward pilsner with a mild malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish.

Sour Brown Ale Aged in Pinot Barrels with Sour Cherries
Seasonal | Barrel aged – 7% ABV

Brown Ale aged in used Pinot Noir barrels from local Sonoma County wineries. It is aged for about 12 months with sour cherries, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel. Flavors from the cherries, Pinot Noir and oak balance each other nicely with a little funk from the brett.

Sacrilege Brewery + Kitchen

L’Ultima Crema
Cream Ale
Year round – 5.2% ABV

The cream ale recipe originally brewed at L’Ultima Cena with a touch of vanilla added to lighten the mood.
Pairings: snickerdoodle cookies, peanut butter + jelly sandwiches, eggs benedict

Peach, Love + Hoppiness
Peach IPA
One off | Dry hopped – 6.4% ABV

the love child of peaches + mosaic hops
Pairings: cherry cobbler, hawaiian pizza, pineapple fried rice

Mary’s Cherry Pie
Fruited Pale Ale
Seasonal – 6.2% ABV | 44 IBUs

Tart cherries, sweet brown sugar and a crusted malt bill just like Mary used to make
Pairings: jelly donuts, elk burgers, Korean spare ribs

Like a Red Headed Step Child
Red ale with Beets
One off – 6% ABV | 67 IBUs

a classic red ale is hanging out with some earthy beets + your stepdad is not going to approve
Pairings: arugula salad, red velvet cake, andouille sausage

Bride of Pamplemousse
Belgian IPA

Blueberry Rye Saison
SaisonFirst-time release

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Rail Trail IPA
West Coast IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6% ABV | 50 IBUs

This West Coast Style IPA showcases organic Cascade, Chinook, Azzaca and Centennial Hops. It’s a juicy hop punch that leaves you wanting more!

Cucumber Buddha Hand Wheat
Fruit/ Vegetable Beer
Seasonal – 5% ABV

Our delicious Wheat Ale brewed with Buddha’s Hand lemons and cucumber. This crisp and unique blend is sure to leave you feeling refreshed!

Flanders Oud Bruin  *** Collaboration with Brewery Twenty Five
Flanders Brown Ale


Shadow Puppet Brewing Co.

Guava Berliner Weisse
Seasonal – 4.2% ABV | 11 IBUs

This tart and tangy wheat ale with guava is very light and refreshing and brings a little of the tropics to the Bay Area.
Pairings: Extra sharp cheddar, spicy foods, figs

Thin Blueberry Line
Blueberry Wheat Ale
Limited / Rare – 5% ABV | 20 IBUs

Brewed in honor of local law enforcement, this wheat ale brewed with 54 pounds of fresh blueberries is light-bodied with a refreshing finish.
Pairings: Chicken, Cheescake, Spicy Food

Kentucky Uncommon
Amber Ale
Year round – 5.8% ABV | 22 IBUs

A once popular beer style pre-Prohibition, this easy-drinking and slightly sweet amber ale is brewed with a blend of corn and rye.
Pairings: Hamburgers, Steak, BBQ

Lush Nectar
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.3% ABV | 38 IBUs

A hazy New England style IPA with low bitterness and tons of juicy citrus notes from the abundant El Dorado and Amarillo hops.
Pairings: Seafood, Pork, Sharp Cheeses

Barrel-Aged Shattered Saison
Barrel aged – 10% ABV | 34 IBUs

Aged in Ruby Hill white wine barrels.
Pairings: Fish, pizza, spicy food.

Social Kitchen & Brewery

SKB Pils
German Style Pils
Year round – 5% ABV | 28 IBUs

traditional german style pils w/ a hefty dose of the almighty german mittelfruh hops for a crisp sparkling floral glass of magic
Pairings: tempura battered veggies

Belgian Style Golden Ale
Year round – 7.8% ABV | 14 IBUs

Fruity and deceptively smooth for its abv. Our house Belgian yeast provides notes of green bananas and minty bubblegum in a strong golden ale.
Pairings: steamed mussles with garlic

Jolly Good
Red wine barrel fermented brown ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare, Seasonal | Barrel aged – 7.1% ABV | 16 IBUs

Our first exploration in fermenting in wine barrels; Jolly Good isn’t oaky or wine like per se, but rather embodies pleasant wood derived notes of almond and coconut with a silky smooth finish.
Pairings: A hearty stew

Bramling Cross Rye IPA
Red wine barrel fermented English Style Rye IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged, Dry hopped – 6.9% ABV | 55 IBUs

A classic English beer, akin to what would have been on a ship travelling to India in the old days when the IPA style was first developed. Big chewy honey grains accompanied by dried citrus notes and a very earthy hop finish that accentuates the malts in a most lovely way.
Pairings: A woodfired steak or for the vegetarians, a squash

Sonoma Springs Brewing Co.

Triple IPA
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 10.5% ABV | 80 IBUs

Our yearly triple IPA release features a crisp and refreshing malt bill of Crystal Light and American 2-row. Lightly sweet, dry, and full bodied, this West Coast style Triple IPA features a trifecta of hop goodness! Using massive amounts of hops in the kettle, whirlpool, and dry hop, the blend of Zythos, Simcoe, and Citra produce super citrus and distinct pineapple notes. Grab your umbrella, its raining hops.

Women Are Smarter
Wildflower Saison
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 4.8% ABV | 22 IBUs

This Saison-style brew is made with rose petals, star jasmine, hibiscus and spiced with cardamom for a light and refreshing finish. The floral character and spice will remind any gentleman that it is true that ‘Women are Smarter.’ Don’t try to argue with this beer!

Gonna Eat A Lot Of Peaches
Milkshake IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.8% ABV | 90 IBUs

Named after our favorite The Presidents of the United States of America song Peaches, Gonna Eat A Lot Of Peaches is our take on the Milkshake IPA. Brewed with boatloads of flaked oats, wheat, honey malts and lactose and hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic, this beer is super creamy with a hop kick to boot! Peaches are added in fermentation to give this creation a fresh fruit nose and subtle peach finish. This milkshake will be sure to bring the boys to the yard…

Vernal Sunrise
Pale Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6% ABV | 48 IBUs

Vernal Sunrise Pale Ale is brewed with a simple malt bill utilizing classic American 2-row and a new Chilean Crystal Malt. Crisp and light, the beer is built to feature one of our favorite hops, Equinox (aka Ekuanot). We use this amazing hop in all stages of the brew (boil, whirlpool, and dry hop) to get nice fruity notes of melon, blackberry, and papaya.

Southpaw BBQ & Brewery

Brett IPA
Limited / Rare, Year round | Dry hopped – 7.3% ABV

Secondary Fermented With Brett C – Stone Fruit To Tropical and Refreshingly Dry

A Faster Horse
NE Style IPA
First-time release | Dry hopped – 6.7% ABV

Dry Hopped with Ekuanot, Mosiac & Citra

Who You Wit
Belgian Witbier
Year round – 4.3% ABV

Sweet Orange, Honey and Coriander with a Spicy Finish

All The Lees are Brown  *** Collaboration with Conduit Wine
Barrel Aged Brett Beer
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 6.2% ABV
Blended with Wine Lees from Conduit Wine and Aged in One of Their Pinot Barrels On Brettanomyces

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers

Blind Tiger
Triple IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 10.6% ABV | 106 IBUs

Easily the hoppiest beer we’ve ever brewed, Blind Tiger Triple IPA has a massively aromatic blend of hops that deliver resinous citrus fruit flavors, with the bitterness cranked well over 100 IBUs. With an absurd addition of over 10 pounds of hops per barrel—including Huell Melon, El Dorado, Columbus, and Centennial—and clocking in at over 9% ABV, Blind Tiger explodes with flavors of freshly cut melon, citrus peel, and ripe passionfruit. We encourage you to grab this beer while its fresh.
Pairings: Spicy BBQ, Sharp Cheddar, and Roasted Peppers

Holdout Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Limited / Rare – 7% ABV | 35 IBUs

Holdout Stout is a dark, smooth stout, with a creamy mouthfeel. Hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee are rounded out by malty caramel. Slightly boozy, but not too sweet, with a creamy mouthfeel imparted by a generous helping of oats in the mash.
Pairings: Texas Style Chile, Carbonnade, Ice Cream

Syndicate 3
Vintage Ale
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 10.5% ABV

Syndicate Series No. 03 pours black as night with a golden brown head. Aromas of vanilla, coffee, oak, molasses, licorice, dark chocolate, and toffee, rise from the glass. Upon first sip, chocolate and coffee flavors continue to build, coalescing with raisins, dates, currants, a touch of black pepper, and tobacco. This beer is dessert, reminiscent of rum cake and tiramisu, but it’s not overly sweet. It’s balanced, creamy, and medium to full bodied.
Pairings: Smoked meat, desserts

St. Florian’s Brewery

Station 5
Session IPA
One off | Dry hopped – 4.5% ABV | 55 IBUs

Our 5th Anniversary release, Station 5. A heavy-handed, dry-hopped session IPA flaunting 5 hops: Azacca, Cascade, Citra, Mosaic & Zythos. This brew commemorates our milestone by carryin’ 55 IBUs & 4.5% ABV. Named with respect for & in honor of SRFD’s Station 5, a story of perseverance & keepin’ on, Sonoma Strong.

Sonoma Pride: Mutual Aid  *** Collaboration with Bear Republic Brewing Co.
Northeast Style Blonde Pale Ale
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 6.0% ABV | 37 IBUs
This quaffable, juicy ale appears slightly hazy, such as the light, wispy smoke that hung in the Sonoma County air during the 2017 Tubbs Fire. A refreshing collaboration for trying times with another independent family-owned Sonoma County brewery, Bear Republic. So much love went into this beer, it’s like a big hug in your glass.

Strike Brewing Co.

El Diamante
Golden Ale
, Year round – 4.5% ABV | 16 IBUs

El Diamante is brewed with a blend of pale and Vienna malt to create a smooth, rounded body with pleasant malt complexity. Classic British hops add a delicate floral finish that completes this bright, drinkable beer.

Quick Pitch  *** Collaboration with Alpha Acid Brewing Co.
Imperial Kettle Sour with Strawberries and Kiwis
First-time release, One off – 8.1% ABV | 12 IBUs
We brewed this Kettle Sour in collaboration with our friends at Alpha Acid Brewing Company in Belmont. After primary fermentation we conditioned it on nearly 500lbs of Strawberries and Kiwis. The result is wonderfully fruity, tart, and drinkable.

Field of Haze
NE Style IPA
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 7% ABV | 30 IBUs

Fields of Haze is brewed with an abundance of oats and wheat to impart the signature Northeast IPA’s soft, rounded body and cloudy appearance. Whirlpool and dry-hop additions of Citra and Ekuanot hops contribute minimal bitterness and create wonderful papaya, melon, and mango character.

Two Seam
West Coast IPA
Year round – 6.5% ABV | 68 IBUs

A simple malt base and moderate bitterness allows the irresponsibly large dry hop of Mosaic and Amarillo hops to shine. The result boasts a glorious aroma of mango, apricot, and pine with a dry finish.

Stumptown Brewery

Rat Bastard
Pale Ale
Year round – 5.8% ABV

Dirty Rat
Year round – 6.5% ABV

Blimey the Wanker
Year round – 6.4% ABV

Black Stump
Seasonal – 6.0% ABV

Sufferfest Beer Co.

Year round | Near gluten free – 5.1% ABV | 30 IBUs

Our Flyby Pilsner is big, bright and especially satisfying on a hot day, after a good sweat, or with a great meal. The Foodie’s beer, our Flyby’s Saaz hops brings a zesty start, followed by a hint of spice and rich grain flavor to finish like a winner.
Pairings: Spicy Prawns, Thai, Indian

Year round | Near gluten free – 5.7% ABV | 50 IBUs

A trophy for a job well done, the Shakeout Blonde sports bright citrus and mango notes and a crisp, smooth finish, making this beer the ultimate thirst quencher. Its golden color, rich flavor and balance make for excellent drinkability. The Shakeout is a true champion.
Pairings: Chicken Kabobs, Summer Salads

Sunset Reservoir Brewing Co.

Double IIPA
Double IIPA
Seasonal – 8.3% ABV | 70 IBUs

West Coast style Double IPA with Idaho 7 and Crystal Hops
Pairings: Burger

Vienna Lager
Vienna Lager
Seasonal – 5.6% ABV | 25 IBUs

Traditional Vienna story Lager, Amber lager
Pairings: Pasta

Temescal Brewing

Dreamer Pils
Year round | Dry hopped – 4.8% ABV

This beer is light, crisp, and clean with some cereal sweetness and a light tea-like spice/herbals. The chamomile and orange peel comes through in the aroma and flavor but in true Temescal Brewing fashion- subtlety is key!

Wonder Why
IPA w/ Simcoe, Citra, and Loral hops
First-time release, One off | Dry hopped – 6.5% ABV

A clean grain bill of Rahr 2-row with 8% flaked oats for some body and a splash of that velvety mouthfeel the kids are chasing. Citra is the star of the show and gives off its classic overripe candied mango aroma. Simcoe and Loral add some great aromas and flavors of juicy fruit gum, pink starburst, and just a splash of fresh pine.

Big News
Double IPA w/ Mosaic and Motueka hops
First-time release, One off | Dry hopped – 8.0% ABV

We used a touch more Motueka than Mosaic hoping to bring out the exotic lime and lemongrass character from our favorite New Zealand hop and we’re glad we did. This beer has the most hops of any beer we’ve brewed to date, and a vast majority of them are in the dry hop. Explosive aromas of pineapple, lime, guava, and lychee

La Fizz
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare

Third Street Aleworks

Double Standard Double IPA
Double IPA
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 9.1% ABV | 100 IBUs

We brew this Double IPA only once a year for SF Beer Week. Big on citrus flavors from large amounts of Citra and Simcoe this beer finishes with a clean bitterness that doesn’t linger.
Pairings: Thai food

Mango Golden Sour Saison
Kettle sour with fruit
Limited / Rare – 6.9% ABV | 27 IBUs

We kettle sour a pilsner and oat based Saison and ferment it over five weeks with French Saison yeast. The beer is then blended with mango purée to create a sweet, tart orange colored delight. A sour beer for people that don’t like sour beers.
Pairings: Fish tacos

ThirstyBear Organic Brewery

Tolstoy’s Inkwell
Russian Imperial Stout
Limited / Rare – 8.6% ABV | 64 IBUs

Brewed with Chocolate, Biscuit and Black malts along with Roasted barley. Generously hopped with Fuggle and Jaryllo hops. Served on nitro.
Pairings: Flourless chocolate cake.

Vienna Waltz
Vienna- style Lager
First-time release – 5.1 % ABV | 26 IBUs

Classic amber lager brewed with Vienna, Munich and CaraMunich malts along with a touch of Carafa malt. Delicately hopped with noble Perle hops. Dry, malty and elegant.
Pairings: Roast pork or roast chicken or roast veal. Basically any meat, roasted…

Batch #1776: Colonial Ale
Colonial Ale
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 7.1% ABV | 22 IBUs

Recreation of historical colonial ale. Similar to a brown porter but brewed with oak-smoked malt and molasses. Hopped with classic Fuggle hops. Ales like this helped George Washington ferment The Revolution !
Pairings: A desire for freedom.

Panda Bear
Golden Ale
Year round – 4.5% ABV | 15 IBUs

Golden Ale dry-hopped with whole, organic vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.
Pairings: Crema Catalan or churros.

Trade Brewing

Hatchet IPA
American IPA
Year round | Dry hopped – 6.6% ABV | 26 IBUs

Hatchet is a hard hitting, full flavored IPA with lots of tropical fruit and citrusy hop aromas. It is bright in color with great clarity. Hatchet is a fruit forward IPA with low bitterness and juicy hop flavor and aroma. It has an easiness about it and a drinkability that could convince a non IPA drinker to reconsider. Tropical, balanced and clean, Hatchet will cut through any bad day
Pairings: Tacos, Spicy Curry, Flames, Pizza

Swing Shift
Belgian Pale Ale
First-time release, One off – 5.5% ABV | 16 IBUs

A light and hazy Belgian Pale Ale with hints of citrus and coriander. Swing Shift is soft on the palate and has that classic Belgian flavor. The beer has a creamy mouthfeel with a dry, peppery finish. Swing Shift is a salute to those who work wacky hours or cover days off to keep companies running.
Pairings: Fresh and aged cheeses, smoked nuts, pizza

Triple Voodoo Brewery

Cask Conditioned Extra Pale Ale
Extra Pale Ale
One off | Dry hopped, Cask / firkin – 6% ABV | 35 IBUs

Extra Pale Ale that has been cask conditioned with Citra Hops

Primary Colors
Triple IPA
First-time release, Limited / Rare | Dry hopped – 10.5% ABV | 100 IBUs

Triple IPA that has been hopped during during the mash, with a hop back, at all stages during boil, and dry hopped
Pairings: strong cheese

Strawberry Letter
Kettle Sour
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare – 5% ABV | 14 IBUs

Belgian Wheat Beer that has been soured with lacto and has pineapple and strawberry puree added during fermentation

Uncommon Brewers

Uncommon Wit
Wit Beer
First-time release – 4.8% ABV | 12 IBUs

Wit beer brewed with fresh yuzu juice and zest
Pairings: Fresh fish, almonds, ceviche

Baltic Porter
Baltic Porter
Year round – 7.8% ABV | 14 IBUs

Baltic Porter brewed with star anise and black licorice
Pairings: Braised short ribs, coffee and vanilla ice cream

Framboos op Eiken
Barrel-aged fruit sour
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.6% ABV | 12 IBUs

Belgian-style blonde ale brewed with raspberries and aged in pinot and syrah barrels
Pairings: Burrata and stone fruit, carne asada

Woods Beer Co.

Freeze Pop
Pale Ale
Seasonal | Dry hopped – 5.0% ABV | 70 IBUs

Juicy green grapes bursting brain-freeze-bright straight from the ice chest; ‘sorry I drank the beer you were saving for dessert; it was delicious, so sweet and so cold.’

Islay IPA
India Pale Ale aged in Laphroaig barrels
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged, Dry hopped – 9% ABV | 100 IBUs

A double IPA aged in Laphroaig barrels: Twining tartan hop vines above the peat bog, swaying in sea spray and salt: wool-wrapped and earthy, a rusted blade, a kilt-clad grapefruit.

Divine Origins: Merlot
Wild Ale Fermented on Grape Must
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 7.8% ABV | 0 IBUs

Wine and beer; grapes and grain: incongruous partners aswirl with the spirit of wild yeast. An ongoing series, born of naturally fermenting fruit, aged in oak, made with magic. From whence these monstrous hybrids? Divine origins, indeed.

Smoothie Brews: Mango Tango
Sour Ale with Mangoes
Limited / Rare | Barrel aged – 5.0% ABV | 0 IBUs

A tropical Sour Patch snack (yellow), a bubbly mango lassi (with lemon), a nectar-drenched rainforest of tangy jungle fruit.

Working Man Brewing Co.

The Intern
New England IPA
Year round – 7.6% ABV | 45 IBUs
Our first Hazy, Juicy New England-style IPA. We do not filter or fine this beer so the cloudy nature is preserved. Tons of grapefruit, tangerine, citrus and tropical aromas and flavors.

Blood Orange Hanging Slider
West Coast IPA
First-time release – 5.7% ABV | 55 IBUs
We took our Hanging Slider IPA and bumped up the citrus with Blood Oranges. Not only will you love it, but you will be scurvy-free too!



– More details coming soon!

Headlands Brewing Co.
Hawk Hill Hefeweizen
Kirby Cove IPA
Double Bowknot
Wolfback Ridge IPA
Imperial Stout aged on Rye Whiskey Barrels

Del Cielo Brewing Co.
Heavenly Nutty
El Paseo
Night Riders
Run Beaver Run

Magnolia Brewing Co.
Promised Land
Kalifornia Kolsch
Prog Bock
Diesel and Dust

Campbell Brewing Co.
Realistic Simulations
Blueberry Kolsch

Ocean View Brew Works
Champagne of the North
Fool Me Twice

Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
Hop Hyzer
Framboise Rose Gose
Featherleggy Bulrusher

Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.
Full Pressure

Standard Deviant Brewing
Imperial Stout
Sticke Alt

Lucky Devil Brewing
Aleister Abbey
2 Year Aged Oud Kriek