SFBW 2020

Host Beer Week Events

SF Beer Week caters to any beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, barrel-aged), food tastes (multi-course dinners, cheese pairings, dessert pairings) and creative and community interests (causes, movies, music, games, fitness, competitions, education).

SF Beer Week supports two main listings options:

EVENTS -- formal gatherings or happenings set at a specific time and place ($50 per listing). They are the primary focus of SF Beer Week, considered a premiere listing that shows up within both the main schedule and Day Guides. Venues holding Events are eligible for a venue Profile Page.

ACTIVITIES -- casual activities, offers or specials a person may pursue any time over multiple days ($75 per listing). They represent time-flexible, self-serve opportunities for consumers to swing by, such as offering an always available beer-infused product or pairing menu available throughout the week. These offerings are summary listings appearing beneath Events, not showcased within the main schedule or Day Guides)

Both Events or Activities are promoted as part of a curated craft beer experience, and accessible for people to add to personal itineraries. They each serve a distinct role in delivering a rich SF Beer Week experience.

Venues wishing to participate and benefit from SF Beer Week materials and marketing, and promote an activity or event at their location as part of SF Beer Week, must register an Event or Activity.

Event Hosting

Once registered, you can submit an event, purchase additional listings, view past listings, and make changes within your account.

Review SF Beer Week's Event Guidelines first for listing req's, pointers and ideas.

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